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The Zetter Townhouse
49 - 50 St Johns Square
020 7324 4545
Nearest Station
0.20 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 07:00 - Closes 00:00
Tuesday Open 07:00 - Closes 00:00
Wednesday Open 07:00 - Closes 00:00
Thursday Open 07:00 - Closes 01:00
Friday Open 07:00 - Closes 01:00
Saturday Open 07:00 - Closes 01:00
Sunday Open 07:00 - Closes 22:00

Accessed through a discreet entrance on St John’s Square, the lounge within is a sumptuous and intriguing place. With an open fire crackling in the grate and a bartender fixing your favourite drink it feels like private residence of a most beloved, eccentric and indulgent aunt – we call her Wilhelmina.

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The Cocktail Lounge at Zetter Townhouse Picture

All In London Review

A well balanced bar that is exactly the kind of place you want to leisurely sip cocktails

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When you have the likes of Tony Connigliaro backing your cocktail bar then chances are it’s going to be pretty damn fine. And guess what? The Zetter Townhouse is pretty damn fine. With a menu designed by London’s king of cocktails, this hotel bar was never going to struggle to pull in the customers beyond those paying for a night or two in the swanky rooms above. But it’s not just the drinks that do it for us at the Zetter Townhouse bar, it’s the dashing interior that mixes up classic with contemporary style to create a balanced bar that is exactly the kind of place you want to leisurely sip cocktails.

Dark, cosy and deceptively large, the bar throws together taxidermy, decadent upholstery and fine art with irreverent flourishes of fun. This is no sleepy, snooty hotel bar but a cocktail lounge that offers more than enough value for your money, in terms of drinks, décor and decadence.

We drink the Koln Martini, Sazerac and perfect Manhattan and there are no complaints. Mixed behind the apothecary bar, the drinks arrive in no time at all and each is as balanced as you would expect from a Tony C. bar. House cocktails cost £9.50 and off menu drinks begin at £10.50, and you should expect to pay a 12.5% service charge.

What we pay is well worth drinking in a place that feels like a hot mess of a salubrious drinking den tucked away on the western wing of some exclusive old town house. The drinks, the service and the atmosphere are impeccable – in fact, the only sour note was passing the hotel’s games room and ping-pong table on the way to the basement bathrooms and leaving without hitting a ball. But then you can’t have everything…

Image: Jefferson Smith

Reviewed by T.A.O
Published on Jan 22, 2015

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The bar at the Zetter Town House plants one foot in the future whilst simultaneously leaving one lagging in the past. The look is all traditional fireside, leather armchair gents club with a healthy dose of modern art and irony lumped in for good measure. It works – and so do the delicate cocktails. Not cheap but certainly worth shelling out.

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The thing about hotel bars is that they’re often a total juxtaposition to the venue that they slot into, which is why they are so interesting. At the Zetter Townhouse the opposite is true as the bar in the lobby area presents the penchant for contemporary style that continues up into the hotel’s rooms. With cocktail king Tony Conigliaro consulting, the stuffed animal heads and modern art won’t be the only things to talk about.

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The trendy boutique Zetter Townhouse boasts one of London’s best bars, run by Tony Conigliari who you may know from the famous Bar With No Name in Islington. Tony C’s drinks are highly experimental (not to mention dangerously drinkable), like the Bloody Mary with parsley vodka and the Pine Needle Gimlet.

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