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Beauty Salon on Church Street
020 8681 3723

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40 Church Street, East Croydon , Croydon, CR0 1RB
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User Reviews

from Croydon

Aug 13, 2020

They do not even deserve one star!!
Appalling service I ever encountered.

As I walked into the salon, I showed a hair dresser the style I wanted (Ghana Braids).The lady said ok come back in an hour, I returned on time just to wait another hour .

Finally was my turn ,a lady started doing my hair, the lady was absolutely clueless and untrained to do the style I requested plus soft hair texture she literally added this gel like cream to make it even more soft that is how clueless she was !!

She kept doing and undoing my hair she even had the nerves tell me to undo it my self.
The way she was brushing my hair was to my scalp no attention what so ever.

I told her if you cannot do it I am leaving but she insisted and passed me on to her colleague saying ("she is tired") Her colleague was at least faster but not any better, she could not even keep a straight line.

I lost patience and prepared to walk out.
The colleague who took over had the audacity to tell me that she will charge me for the 3 braids they had done if I walked out, which was not even the style I requested!

A man from the reception intervened ,I showed him the hair style and told him that the lady had no clue what she is doing. He replied saying" don't say that" instead of apologising and listening to clients complaint.

After the man said my hair was too soft and that in order to do the (Ghana braids they needed some tool they did not have!! how rude is that to use my hair as an excuse after clearly seeing my hair and agreeing to do the style, when they do not even have the knowledge or tool to do so!!

I am Ethiopian, we do braids perfectly fine a texture of hair has nothing to do with not being able to do it.
They are just untrained on how to deal with different textures of hair. Clearly the lady was not confident. She should have practiced on a doll with soft hair first.

They are just after money with 0 customer service. They wasted 3 hours of my day.

All the hair dressers are in their own world chatting away in their language instead of engaging with their clients.
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