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Builder at 345 Upper Richmond Road West
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345 Upper Richmond Road West
SW14 8QN
020 3843 9020
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Casey Rand
from Surrey

Jan 18, 2024

Had windows installed by these cowboys and they are dreadful. Have recently won against them in court but of course these cowards have not paid a penny of the amount ordered. I am aware of 3 other customers who have also won against them recently none of us have gotten our money back, and another whose case is in 2 months. That will be FIVE CCJs against them in the last year that I know of but there are reviews from others saying they too have won against them in court.
Neil Brotherston
from London

Dec 4, 2023

Avoid at all costs - we had 5 new windows installed in our home by Sunny Eco. Not only were they fitted incompetently, with actual gaps through to the outside left unfilled, leading to significant damp and draft problems.

But even worse, they were fitted so unsafely, that there could have been a terrible accident. Our large sash window was only secured using 4 short screws - all of which were secured into rotting or loose wood. Had we not had a builder in to fix the window, it literally could have fallen out on our neighbour’s doorway directly below.

To remedy this we had to get our own builder in to fix the problem - who said he had never seen such a dangerous fitting in his 30 year career.

Sunny Eco has shown zero regard for a) the incompetence of their fitting and b) for any prospect of doing anything to remedy the problems they have caused. They have no care and are comfortably the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Avoid at all costs
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