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West London Centre of Orthodontics and Medical Aesthetics

User Reviews

Lynsey Stewart
from London

Sep 27, 2016

What can I say - I was physically jumping for joy in the surgery after the braces were removed. My teeth are perfect, stunning, straight -and the 18 months treatment have just flown by. Dr. Kyi and her team are welcoming ( as the name of the surgery suggests), answering all questions - no matter how trivial they seem, alleviating fears and worries. Truly Dr Kyi is at the top of her profession and I have not hesitated to recommend Welcome Orthodontics to people who are considering getting braces, in terms of the service, support and cost. I never felt rushed ( no quick fix here no matter how hard I pushed :) and completely at ease and in safe , professional hands that the time taken to straighten is because at the end of your treatment your smile will be the best it can be. And it is. My confidence has increased and I have my smile back and couldn't be happier. Thank you Welcome Orthodontics
Paul Bolwell
from New Forest

May 12, 2015

Have had nothing but great service from Chaw-Su Kyi and her team, they've been fantastic at fitting around my schedule, always welcoming and highly professional.

But importantly, i am really pleased with the results - so glad i had the brace fitted and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone!
mylene Chaudagne
from United Kingdom

Mar 11, 2015

I'd had orthodontic treatment -full braces- a few years ago with another orthodontist so this time round I only had a slight misalignment to correct. I felt that I was extremely well looked after; and I even wish I had undergone my previous treatment with Dr Chaw Su Kyi; she is meticulous and gentle, which is much appreciated. I almost relaxed into the chair at every visit! She gave me two treatment options, never trying to push one over the other. Professional, friendly, conscientious work. Thank you.
from Putney

Dec 9, 2014

I had an upper lingual brace fitted by Dr Kyi at the beginning of 2014 & less than 11 months later it is off & I have lovely straight teeth! Would highly recommend this practice; the entire team are friendly & professional & Dr Kyi herself is very thorough & knowledgable. I was somewhat nervous about the prospect of a brace at 31 but Dr Kyi talked me through the options & gave me all the information required to make an informed decision. The actual treatment period went so quickly & I was well looked after throughout. Very pleased I took the leap & very pleased I used this clinic.
Felix Knight
from Fulham

Aug 21, 2014

I went to Welcome for my over bite and had a a good set put on which are invisible at the front on the top so do not bother that much. Great service, incredibly friendly. Nicolina, the receptionist is lovely and Dr Kyi is very skilled, friendly and has always been quick to fix any issues with my teeth. Now the braces are off i'm so pleased with the result. Would definitely recommend this Orthodontist. The location has been perfect as well - just a 5 minute walk from Hammersmith station.
Alexa Rode-Hilbert
from Hammersmith

Apr 2, 2014

Dr. Chaw Su, Nicolina and the team were fantastic throughout my entire treatment process. From my first consultation I felt they were honest and open about my options and potential treatment plans, giving me time to make decisions. I felt really well looked after at each appointment, in fact they were all so friendly it didn’t feel like I was visiting the orthodontist at all! My desire for straight smile is now a reality thanks to them. I would absolutely recommend Welcome to anyone considering braces.
Jana Moravkova

Jun 23, 2012

Welcome Orthodontics provided me with great result fom my brace treatment and highly professional care through out. I chose Welcome's practice based on the top class reviews and was really impressed with the Orthodontical expertise of Dr. Chaw Su Kyi as well as her team's professionalism and care.

Mar 5, 2012

I was referred to Welcome by my own dentist who was having treatment there himself with Dr. Chaw Su Kyi. Although, in my mid-thirties, I was worried about having orthodontics, I was made to feel completely at ease from the second I stepped into the treatment room and as well as explaining my options clearly, in laymans terms', I was really impressed by the genuine and friendly atmopshere. It was easy to decide on the right treatment because I was given such good advice and the treatment was affordable - much more reasonable than other quotes I had been given.

I wore a lingual brace for 18 months and never had any major problems. The treatment proceeded pretty much to the letter of my initial assessment and any minor problems along the way (eg one broken bracket in 18-months) were dealt with immediately and swiftly. From the friendly receptionist to the expertise of the Dr. Chaw Su Kyi, this is a professional, courteous and results-driven practice and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is considering orthodontics - at any age.

My overbite is now gone, the unsightly gaps I'd been left with as a child (after unfinished orthodontic treatment) are closed and my teeth are perfectly straight. What else could I ask for? There's nothing quite like having 100% confidence in your smile, and as my job as a fashion journalist means being filmed and photographed regularly, it has made every photo shoot & appearance on camera a million times better.

Thanks to Dr. Chaw Su Kyi and everyone at West London Centre of Orthodontics!
Claire Power

Feb 20, 2012

I can't recommend this practice enough. Once I had raised the courage to book an initial appointment (on a Saturday no less) for consultation at the age of 37, I was treated extremely well. Dr Chaw or the fantastic Practice Manager, Nicolina were always at the end of the phone or email to answer the (many) questions I had. Appointments always on time, clean and well presented premises.

Over the 2 years I needed to wear my braces, the treatment was exceptional. Regular updates on how I was doing and what was happening with my treatment, Dr Chaw always took the time to to ask how things are going and address any concerns I may have had.

The service from this centre, from my first consultation to my post treatment check ups have been efficient, considerate and most of all have put my mind at rest about whether I was doing the right thing in having braces fitted.

I am absolutely delighted with my new smile, I just wish I done it years ago!


Feb 17, 2012

The five stars on my previous review was a mistake! Here's the 10 they deserve.

Feb 17, 2012

Welcome is a great place if you're considering having orthodontic treatment. From start to finish I couldn't have asked for a better service and the end result - STRAIGHT TEETH AT LAST! - is worth all the effort and occasional discomfort.

I felt very confident in Dr. Chaw Su Kyi's hands. She is gentle and patient and explains everything in simple terms so as a patient you really understand what is happening.

If you're considering treatment - stop thinking about it and give them a call!

Feb 14, 2012

I highly recommend WeLCOMe clininc as the service from day 1 has been outstanding. I have always felt comfortable and very relaxed during my visits despite my phobia for all things dental. Undergoing an orthodontic treatment can be a very nervous experience but i have been looked after with such understanding and care that i could not wish for a better treatment. The welcome service starts as soon as you enter the clinic with Dr Chaw Su and her assistants remaining friendly ,professional and smiling at all times. I am not exagerrating by admitting how much confidence i have gained after my braces have been removed. While many people are concerned about having visisble braces i have never worried and actually even enjoyed seeing a new funny me. It can be daunting to wear the braces for several months but i have always reminded myself that it would eventually give me the teeth i desired for so many years. The result? I won't be seen anywhere without my bright red lipstick now and i would never dare to use such colour previously. I smile,smile and smile again and i am proud of myself for bringing this change to my life. Thank you Dr Chaw Su and all team at WeLCOMe!

Jan 4, 2012

I would like to recommend Dr. Chaw Su Kyi and the efficient, professional, warm and outstanding Welcome Orthodontics team, to anyone needing an excellent orthodontic treatment.
I received all the support possible from Dr. Chaw and her team since day one. The practice is impeccable, clean, modern and nicely decorated. The practice manager always welcomes you with a wonderful smile and always takes a few minutes to have a chat.
The nurses are all friendly, competent and always attentive. Dr. Chaw takes always the time to know how you are experiencing the treatment and answer all your questions, she makes you feel comfortable with your teeth and keeps your spirits high with the feeling that you are making huge progress.
I am really happy with the treatment I receive from Dr. Chaw and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to have their teeth straightened or to correct bite problems.
Other benefits: easy to book appointments that suits me, up to date magazines in the waiting area (not that my appointment is late but it’s because I always arrive early), short walking distance from Hammersmith tube station, X-ray at the practice, cost is more than reasonable, you feel special, everything happens as Dr. Chaw says and even my dentist who has his practice 2000km away was impressed with the progress in a very short time.

Nov 12, 2011

I originally came with problems related to my bite and minor aesthetic concerns. I am more than pleased with the final result. The treatment I have received has exceeded my expectations and I now have a comfortable bite and an improved smile. The 22 months it took to achieve this, passed by smoothly due to the high level of care I received by all at the clinic.
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