The Blackheath Standard Surgery

Doctors' Surgery at 11-13 Charlton Road
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6 / 10 from 8 reviews
11-13 Charlton Road
0844 477 8597
Nearest Station
0.79 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:30
Tuesday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:30
Wednesday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:30
Thursday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:30
Friday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:30
Saturday Open 07:00 - Closes 11:00
Sunday Open 07:00 - Closes 11:00

User Reviews

from Charlton

Jun 16, 2021

The telephone answering at this surgery is dreadful. I’ve tried whole morning for two days couldn’t get through.
Peter Winning

Apr 16, 2015

THANK YOU GOD!!! for Dr. Adam Hazell. Here is a new guy who seems to have given the dump a new lease of life. The man is a total professional who seems really interested in you and takes time to go through what is going on with you - no clockwatching, no yawning as you're pouring your heart out (trust me it happened to me with a few of the others). Wonderful care.
from London

Mar 11, 2013

This practice needs a good clean; you do not want to touch the door handles,or use the bathroom which is disconcerting. It is difficult to get through to make an appointment and near impossible if you are a professional (e.g. very early mornings or after work). Doctors generally have very bad interpersonal skills, particularly Dr Lee. The only doctor worth seeing is Dr Yusef. Upon arrival, reception is always in deep conversation (with each other) and often have a "computer says no" demeanor. I am looking to move practice - do not waste your time joining.

Dec 19, 2012

The telephone answering at this surgery is dreadful. I tried for 4 days on and off to get through and was unable to do so. This really needs to be improved. When I managed to get an appointment and turned up at the surgery, the receptionist was talking to family or friends on the phone for a whole 8 minutes which meant I was booked in later than when I arrived for my appointment and the Dr may have assumed I was a 'Did Not Attend.'

The Doctors however, in particular Dr Anna Lee are outstanding, its just a shame you have so much difficulty getting through to them.
Toby Richards
from Charlton

May 14, 2012

..answering the phone within 5 hours would be good.

Name: Toby Richards
Location: Charlton

May 20, 2011

unfriendly, dirty, some doctors with very poor communications skills


Jul 7, 2010

I have attended this surgery for many years luckly not many visits in this time but over the past year my visits have increased. The staff here are very helpful and freindly and I have always been provided a great service.


May 17, 2010

i lived in london for 37 years before moving back to scotland i was lucky to be a patient of doctor s. patel at the blackheath standard practice. all staff at the practice were excellent , highly capable obliging always tried to help . i miss them all, and would never expect anything except the highest of standards, i wish them all the best. er
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