Consulate General Of Greece

Embassies & Consulate at 1A Holland Park
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1A Holland Park
Notting Hill
W11 3TP
020 7221 6467
Notting Hill
Nearest Station
Holland Park
0.15 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 09:30 - Closes 13:00
Tuesday Open 09:30 - Closes 13:00
Wednesday Open 09:30 - Closes 13:00
Thursday Open 09:30 - Closes 13:00
Friday Open 09:30 - Closes 13:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Consulate General of Greece provides local, national and worldwide information on their services to all commercial, industrial and tourist orientated activities directed to Greece. In addition, they are here to assist their compatriots and to offer them the local representation of their homeland.

Useful Tips from AIL Users

Tip: if you try to book an appointment on the online site, just ask to be put in the queue for an emergency appointment. The system will then automatically find and send alerts of when appointments are available so you can book.

Georgia, London

User Reviews

Eva Pangea
from London

Aug 21, 2019

The Greek embassy in London is basically a joke. I was trying to renew my passport for a year and they didn't have any slots available. I would try to call 3 times a day and they never picked up the phone. I emailed them multiple times saying i need to renew my passport and they never replied to any email. When I finally got an appointment after a year I visited them and was waiting in a queue for two hours even though I had an appointment, they put me in a queue with other people who didn't. When I complained I received an answer which was closer to an assault saying you have to wait there like everyone else, we won't treat you like you are special. Then when my turn came up the employee gave me a form to complete and I had to stand up doing the form in front of everyone. The employees would ask personal information to everyone while the queue was there like are you married, where is your bank account and things like that, showing they have no idea what personal data and GDPR is.
from London

Jan 31, 2018

Impossible Consulate, booked an appointment with the consulate, when I arrived I was informed that the appointment was auto cancelled because supposedly I did not re-confirm it 5 days prior to the appointment but at no stage I was asked to confirm it again.

Not only the service is truly awfull but the receptionist is a rude lazy 'could not care less' character who adds insult to injury.

Basically I recommend not to rely on any service of the consulate, the service is exceptionally bad.

Having grown up in Greece this experience is all too typical of the Greek state, i my opinion there is an adversarial attitude to citizens by the bureaucracy,
Awfull .
from London

Apr 11, 2017

I used the passport issuing service. It took me a while to understand how the passport appointment system worked on the site. However once I realised you just log for an emergency appointment and it will automatically keep sending you available ones till you find one that suits, everything else fell in place like a domino.
The staff members were extremely polite, very efficient and explained every little bit of the form to me. The lady went as far as to help me with the photo choice, as I was fretting it will be rejected.
For a consular service outside Greece, this has been by far the easiest transaction I have had.
Thumbs up from me!:0)
from london

Sep 27, 2016

Generally they are very helpful and polite!

However,they should be more efficient regarding the telephone service and improve their site which is awful.
from London

Feb 14, 2013

Greeks are very nice warm friendly people. Every time I have had dealings with the Consulate I have always been treated well and with respect. Everything has always been sorted out.

Name: J
Location: London
from London

May 11, 2012

They actually need to do their jobs! They hardly ever answer their phone. They are very rude and need to learn how to speak in a polite and non-condescending. They are extreme ignorant, which begs the question why is the Greek embassy run by morons? Ps they site is utter rubbish as well!!!

Name: HK
Location: London
from Liverpool

Feb 7, 2011

a notoriously slow and ineffective visa service with inadequate information on the website for the required documents.i have had many a schengen visas before and all the other embassies i have had to deal with were excellent and effective. as with the greek embassy, had to post my passport and documents three times. and still managed to not get a visa. infact, they didnt even look into the application but simply returned the things back to me with my postal order intact.

1st time they said something about having an invitation letter that was not properly signed and verified. i got that sorted out on an urgent basis, only to find out that this time they would not look into my application since by then it was too close to the date of my departure. (there was still more than a week left).

3rd time i posted it to them having shifted my flight dates... they posted the things back saying now we only accept applications in person and not by post. i know! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

so i went there in person and handed all the documents in and they took a rather long time to get back to me. over 3 weeks! not to mention they are practically unreachable via telephone!

the most appalling embassy i have ever had to deal with. would recommend any other embassy over it and if you'r looking for a schengen visa go with any other embassy

Name: joe
Location: Liverpool
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