Trinidad & Tobago High Commission

Embassies & Consulate at 42 Belgrave Square
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42 Belgrave Square
020 7245 9351
Nearest Station
Hyde Park Corner
0.21 miles
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9AM to 5 PM
Closed on Public Holidays

The Trinidad & Tobago High Commission provides local, national and worldwide information on their services to all commercial, industrial and tourist orientated activities directed to Trinidad & Tobago. In addition, they are here to assist their compatriots and to offer them the local representation of their homeland.

Useful Tips from AIL Users

Do not use the extensions, wait for the receptionist.

C.P, Denmark

User Reviews

from Carnforth

Aug 12, 2021

After looking online for information to renew our passports I dreaded the process. However it was such a pleasure to receive the information we did and communicate this friendly staff. They received all our documents and application form via email before our appointment date to ensure a smooth application process. They were even very mindful of the distance we travelled to the appointment. Honestly there is more I can say!
Thank you for being so supportive and friendly to my 5 year old. It's a must to mention this because I do think its deserved after reading many negative comments, from the security office upon arrival, Alicia, Michelle, the female officer whose name I sadly dont remember who attended to us, the officer that give chocolate to my most delighted daughter and Samuel for his patience with her.
Thank you.
Hanna Persad
from Notting Hill, London

Aug 5, 2020

I'm a born and bred Londoner, my parents are Windrush Era Trindadians. I began investigating applying for T&T citienzenship and spoke to officials at the London Embassy. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that "we don't like people like you you know".Is this official T&T government policy?
My immense pride in my Trinidadian heritage is clearly not reciprocated.
from Newcastle upon Tyne

Aug 7, 2017

There needs to be better response time to answering phones. The passport renewal staff, was courteous and helpful. However trying to collect has been a nightmare. Was advised that no passports are being sent until further notice. Why can't the passports be prepared in the UK?? Also the staff member's only advice was to inquire if I had a passport from another country, I could use that, in case my current nod expires before the renewal arrives. Not a very helpful comment.
from Denmark

Jul 6, 2017

I would like to thank Mr. Samuel Niles for his courteous and efficient handling of my passport renewal issue. He provided the relevant information, along with a solution to the problem. His manner was polite and he even double checked my passport application to make sure everything else was in order. Good job sir.

There is need for improvement with the receptionist (male) whose tone was less than professional.

I also suggest an upgrade to the bank draft system of payment as most European countries have moved onto paperless banking. Thus a bank draft is quite costly; even costing more than the price of a new passport.
Q Bovell
from Denmark

Jul 3, 2017

I'm adding to the long list of complaints regarding trying to call the embassy - no one answers ... and for some nationals like myself who live on the continent and not in London - it's impossible to simply show up at the embassy for BASIC information!!
The embassy's payment system is also alarmingly OUTDATED ... with only money orders and bank drafts being accepted - these payment options are almost OBSOLETE in Germany and most other European countries ... so I had to resort to getting a friend of mine in the U.K. To pay on my behalf... the staff were completely apathetic to this problem - and are in general sound and appear lazy and uncaring
Such a shame to think that the taxpayers of T&T are paying for the salaries of such unprofessional and lazy ppl ... and I'm sure that it would be too much to hope the management of the high commission would take notice and try to fix this seemingly CHRONIC problem... so embarrassed and ashamed of my country's ONLY high commission
from London

Apr 6, 2017

This embassy is lacking in terms of professionalism, no one is there to pick up the phone, and as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago I know we have good staff, it's a shame.
c thomas
from hackney london

Mar 29, 2017

Somebody should be there to answer the phone during the opening hours. I have been trying to call the office for three days now.
from west london

Feb 16, 2017

A big thank you to Samuel (who dealt with our passport renewal ) and ALL the friendly and helpful staff at Number 42 Belgrave Sq. we met this morning. So sorry I didn't take the names of the doorman and the other passport officer and the very kind lady in the reception office so that I could give them an individual mention.
Trini Reps marks for customer service today you all are holding your on on the international scene. See you all when I collect Kyia's and my P/Port in 6 wks time.
from Denmark

Apr 2, 2016

Really great service when i renewed my passport, they were even so nice that they shipped my passport for me to Denmark, so proud to be a trini. Thanks so much guys.

Sara Beadon
from United Kingdom

Apr 10, 2013

My husband needed to get a new passport and although he had not made an appointment, the lady dealing with passports was very friendly and accommodating and put through his application. From what I've heard, it's MUCH easier to get your passport in London than to get it in Trinidad. There were no lines, no waiting around. Quick, friendly service. VERY PROUD of my country and it's friendly people.
Keith Anthony
from London

May 9, 2012

I saw the previous review and prepared for the worst, but in actuality, all staff I spoke with were courteous, friendly, and willing to assist.

Name: Keith Anthony
Location: London
Candice Noel
from London

May 1, 2012

Staff need serious and INTENSIVE lessons in manners and customer service - Front desk receptionist is rude and strives so hard to sound smooth that she forgets to be even remotely civil or nice to callers. Inefficiency is rife, apply for a passport and it never arrives in the time they say.

Name: Candice Noel
Location: London

Jun 25, 2010

if i had seen the reviews before calling the embassy i would probably not have still believed that an embassy would be so non challant, but i also called to say the least it is a shame.

Jan 8, 2010

What a shame and disgrace on the high commission in London. If that is a representation of what the people are like in my country I am ashamed to be associated with them. You will phone a hundred times and it goes to a voice message and by the time you get to the department you want it says "The other person has cleared". These Trinidadian carry there habits everywhere they go...... L...AZ....Y (LAZY). It is time they do some work.

Oct 20, 2009

I totally agree with the above, the same thing has happened to me, and I live in the UK, maybe I'm expected to phone the office in Trinidad to get some assistance.

Aug 5, 2009

i am a trinidad and tobago national residing in the uk with my family. i have called the embassy on many occasions for advice or help on how to acess passports and birth certificates or simply to ask a question. the phone rings and rings but no one is there to answer the phone. if you do get someone on the phone they put the call to another dept. and the phone rings and rings............................................................................

this embassy does not give a damn about their nationals living in this country.
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