The German Embassy

Embassies & Consulate at 23 Belgrave Square
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23 Belgrave Square
020 7824 1300
Nearest Station
Hyde Park Corner
0.29 miles
Opening Summary
Opening times:

Passport and Visa Applications
Monday - Friday: Only with appointment

German Passport/ID Card Collection:
Monday - Thursday: 8.15 - 10.45am & 1.15 - 2.30pm
Friday: 8.15 - 10.30am

The German Embassy's main entrance is situated on Chesham Place, a few steps from Belgrave Square. For visa, passport and consular matters please use the side entrance in Belgrave Mews West under the arch. The nearest Tube stations are Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line) and Sloane Square (District). The nearest mainline station is Victoria. Heathrow Airport is approx. 50 min by Tube.

Phone: 020 7824 1300
Fax: 020 7824 1435
Email: [email protected]
Emergencies: 020 7824 1476 (only for German Citizen)
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User Reviews

Suzanne Cole
from Surrey UK

Nov 2, 2022

I have spent the last 4 years interacting with a number of staff both by email and in person at the embassy, to secure German citizenship for me and my daughter and more recently, German passports. Everyone has bent over backwards to help me. Yes, the systems are frequent overwhelmed and maybe could be more explicit but every time I made an error, I was helped. Honestly, can’t fault you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. Brexit was a painful day for my family but to now have our rightful German citizenships alongside our British citizenships, feels exhilarating!

A grateful customer x
Patricia Donald
from Doncaster

Aug 25, 2019

The service from reception was shocking, rude and very unprofessional. We were there to get a new I.D card for my elderly mother, and informed to queue outside by the delivery entrance. I was so glad it wasn't raining or even worse weather like snow etc. I was shocked by the whole premivative service, it was like going back in time. Terrible!
C. Brink
from East Sussex

Jan 2, 2019

The telephone service is shocking.
Have been trying for days to get advice regarding daughter’s ID card.
After waiting for hours in a so-called telephone queue my calls have been simply switched off on every occasion. This has happened day after day.
Similarly, emails are ignored and not responded to.

I do understand that their services are in high demand.

However, as a German citizen I would expect a service from my embassy which is less inefficient.

Please improve your customer service!
from london

Jul 29, 2018

I have dealt with the embassy several times, each time the interaction bordered on bad comedy. Their customer service is beyond bad. No one answers the phone and when they do, they are unhelpful to the point that it seemingly gives them pleasure to make matters difficult. I have never experienced anything like it. Appointments are almost impossible to come by and once you are inside the embassy to deal with their staff you have to be lucky to be treated kindly. Paying or picking up a passport is also something rather difficult. They have one person taking payments. after waiting for one hour (with an appointment) one then has to queue again to make payment, which can take another half hour as the one person taking payment either takes cash or in the case of card payments manually enters card details etc etc. it is painful and simply not appropriate. opening times are incredible and they seem to be open for only a couple of hours a day. in short they urgently need to improve their serv
Anke F.
from Doncaster

Jun 27, 2017

1. They need to improve their telephone manners. People answering telephones should be able to understand German.
2. They need more appointments - 3 months wait for passport renewal is not acceptable.
3. Personnel inside the embassy need to be more efficient. 2 hour wait WITH an appointment not good enough.
4. Personnel at the counters need to be friendlier. Train them in good customer service.
5. Letters should be answered truthfully and not contain falsehoods.

Feb 20, 2014

I was wary because of the other reviews, but found them friendly, the building clean and the service reasonably efficient. Slightly puzzled as to why, with 3 other desks staffed and not serving anyone for a prolonged period, the couldn't jump in to help at the one desk that was busy with a queue, but aside from that I was seen within the allotted time frame and left with what I needed.
from London

May 14, 2012

If they fired everyone! Or if they had a call service that actually worked...

Name: James
Location: London

Dec 23, 2011

If you have to much time on your hands and you feel like going back in time your right here.
The staff (to many do nothing) being paid by the german tax payer to have a nice life in London. They could use a BIG hint in customer service and how to deal with people.
The appointment system is useless, you have to insist that you need an appointment now and that you wont accept any other dates then yours. Make them work.
They have one card machine, hello we are in the 21st century. And it seems they have just one person who can work it. Maybe they should go to the PoundShop and see how its done.
They have a 2h lunch break (nice job) and you cant wait inside even when its raining and cold outside.
The security (just the german one) is unfriendly and seems they forgot they are in London 2011 and not in Berlin 1940. Just saying.
If they would work from 8 to 5, no lunch break closure (eat like in any other company in a shift system), opening on saturdays, would be at least a bit more friendly and would have a better appointment system and a card machine on every single counter instead of waiting first in counter 1 just to wait again on the other counter to pay, more people would be served and faster.


Aug 12, 2009

Their system is totally shambles, you have to keep ringing numbers, when you get through, they give you another number and tell you the timings are different, you wait the next day for that time, by the time you get through, they again tell you to ring a yet different number at a different time. My days are being wasted in trying to get an appointment for VISA! In correct info on WEbsite!!!
Response from Karen reader
l put in " German Embassy" as a search word, on AOL, and the results came back as a list of " german embassies" on different web sites. The one you posted your comment on looked quite a bit different to the one l went on about a year ago. Their web page and layout and subject matter was so different, l wonder if it`s the same german embassy. l don`t remember their ph nmb though, or if its the same as the one on this site, but regarding your comments about the total disorganisation, well l rang there a couple of times, about 5 years ago, and l have to say l found it less than perfect, which was a surprise to me as l travel frequently to Germany, l am there now as a matter of fact, and here everything is extremely well run and well organised, quite in contrast to the way they run the german embassy!

Oct 6, 2011


Jul 6, 2009

this is the greatest embassy and the personnel are the friendlist that I have ever dealt with
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