37 Kinnerton Street, London
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37 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES

No longer at this address
Our records show that Egg is closed.


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Hyde Park Corner (0.15 miles)

Fashion Shops

Egg has an exciting collection of clothes on display at their shop on Kinnerton Street; originally mostly for women, but now with the men's shop opened opposite, all can enjoy these very comfortable designer clothes. They also sell a selection of accessories.

User Reviews

Reviewed by Jessica from W2
Without a doubt the most beautiful shop in London. The staff couldn't have been nicer, even when I returned one of the items I bought (and received a credit note in exchange). The opposite of throw-away fashion, these beautifully made clothes will last for ever and never look out of date.

Name: Jessica
Location: W2

May 14, 2012
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Reviewed by CB from sw19
I have been visiting egg for many years now and each time I go I feel like im stepping into another world. The display is different whether I go weekly or yearly and are always visual perfection. I have never felt such beautiful fabrics or met such efficient, friendly and welcoming staff. Bravo egg!

Name: CB
Location: sw19

Apr 26, 2012
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Reviewed by LucyW61
I like the shop, I really do but feel that I can no longer shop here given the absolute horror of a boss who works here. The staffing team appear great but unfortunately, I have had the misfortune to be present on more than once occasion when the female boss quite literally shouts and screams at both staff and customers. It disturbs me to think that people like her are allowed to work in a person-centred industry and is the prime example of how a human being shouldn't behave. I wouuldn't go back to this shop purely because I would not want to be responsible for keeping her in business.

Feb 11, 2012
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Reviewed by FrancescaJacob from NY
The best shop in London.. The displays are visual perfection + the clothing utterly irresistible. It's no wonder that its a haunt of this worlds top designers and artists. The shop team are a mix of delightful english roses and serene japanese marvels (and the owners gorgeous dog!) They can do anything - design you bespoke stuff, alter your own clothes, dye garments for you, it's unlike any other shop out there. Bear in mind the best time to get here is 4pm ish. . If you're lucky you'll catch the team on their afternoon tea break when a delicious tray of treats appears for everyone to tuck in to! A magical place. F.Jacob

Name: FrancescaJacob
Location: NY

Feb 26, 2011
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Reviewed by Not given from Not given
I have just returned from Egg in London. I wanted to exchange a tunic (£700) which turned out to be unsuitable for me (it creased very badly). I rang the shop immediately to tell them I would come back to look for somehting else instead. I was given the impression this was going to be alright as in most shops of this repute.
I live in Oxfordshire, this was a special trip. The BOSS ( Name unknown) just ranted at me as if I was a criminal accusing me of having worn the garment and absolutely refusing to consider an exchange. I felt insulted and left the shop with very bad feelings. Is this a way to treat a costumer? Maybe Egg can afford in affluent Knightsbridge to behave like this. I am fairly rich but not famous,(retired architect) I have never experienced anything like it and I shall do my best amongst my many influencial friends, English and German, to give a bad name to this overrated boutique.

Name: Not given
Location: Not given

Feb 23, 2011
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Response from Christina Pilkington Frustrated Architect
I know the shop in question and I also know that they sell amazing clothes made from natural fibres ie linen , cotton and silk and combinations of all three. Guess what natural fabrics crease. Perhaps stick to man made fibres from somewhere else! CP

Feb 24, 2011

Reviewed by Claire from London
Completely agree with previous reviewer.
I absolutely love the clothes - and the whole aesthetic (which often includes exhibitions of paintings, pottery or photos) - at egg. And yes, it is expensive...
The staff are also lovely... But it makes me feel horribly uncomfortable (and sorry for them) to hear the boss ranting at them. I've never heard anyone else mention this and am glad I'm not the only one who has noticed.

Name: Claire
Location: London

Jan 22, 2011
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Lovely drapey stuff altho very expensive. Strange interaction among the staff, not a very comfortable environment to shop when the boss rants rather publicly at the sales staff.

Jun 18, 2010
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