Gift Shop at 22 Powis Street
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4 / 10 from 2 reviews
22 Powis Street
Thamesmead West
SE18 6LF
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Woolwich Arsenal
0.08 miles
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from Woolwich

Jul 10, 2023

I brought a blender here witch broke after 3weeks stoped working!. They say you can bring it back within a month So I bought it back for replacement.
But the lady kinda refused she was trying to fix it via changing the plug socket fuse in front of my face WITH OLD BATTERYS on the counter
But I ended up with a replacement of the same blender and when I got home to try it again it don’t work!.

I think they mess with the fuses anytime someone bring something back they change it with a lifeless fuse For any electronics I would not recommend you get them from here.! Con
from Woolwich

Apr 4, 2022

Previous review was a bit harsh, but I agree that the customer service could do with improving. Simons has everything you need, it's a dream for the odd bits and bobs you won't find anywhere else in Woolwich
from London

Jul 18, 2014

Simons need to improve on their customer service. I bought an item worth less than £5 from the shop, discovered string was broken when I brought it out to use. I took it back less than 2 weeks from purchase date with the packaging & receipt to get it exchanged but the shop attendant didn’t want to know. He was very rude & told me that because I had taken the item out of their shop, they were not responsible for it. Instead of attempting to resolve the matter, he straight away told me to go to trading standards!! He used bullying tactics to try and intimidate and shut me up.
Response from Tony Standing up
Absolute tosh as a retail shop in the UK ALL faulty goods can be returned & money back! Regardless of a note behind the counter written in marker pen! BRITISH CONSUMER LAW! Take them to the cleaners! They can’t sell faulty goods & not replace or refund! For the record the replace or refund is the choice of the customer not the shop staff! Go to the Woolwich centre tell them what’s happened !

Feb 9, 2024

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