Hair & Beauty Salon at 511 Hackney Road
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7 / 10 from 7 reviews
511 Hackney Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9ED
020 7613 3138
Bethnal Green
Nearest Station
Cambridge Heath
0.03 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00
Tuesday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00
Wednesday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00
Thursday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00
Friday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00
Saturday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00
Sunday Open 10:30 - Closes 20:00

User Reviews

from London

Jul 14, 2018

Amazing service! I’ve loved coming here. The pedicures are second to none and she gives a lovely massage at the end !! Perfect service
from Hackney

Mar 7, 2017

Good service. Lovely woman.
from london

May 18, 2014

This place is the only so far I can recommend . Ive been going here for more than 3 years . Great friendly people who know exactly what they are doing . The money is definitely worth it . I usually get a pedi n meni check it out

Apr 28, 2013

I'v been there today. It is not bad. Actually it is really good. I'v payed only £15 and get all my nails down.

Apr 28, 2013

Yes the previous boss is really bad. I agree with you. But it seem to change to a new boss recently. I'v been there today it is really good. If you believe me, go and check it out.

Jan 4, 2012

This place is really really awful!!!!

Oct 16, 2011

READ THIS.. TERRIBLE AWFUL PLACE. I visited this salon today and had the worst experience I have ever had. When I arrived they showed me to the room, the woman came in with her apprentice, only the apprentice spoke English, and they proceeded to switch on the wax heater. They then started to apply the wax which was cold, and obviously didn´t work at all. They then kept trying various portions with the wax over the next 15 minutes, in which time I started to question them on what they were doing. Having been waxing every month for the last 12 years I can attest that her waxing style was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I started to query why the waxing they were doing was not removing the hair and the woman left the room and I heard a lot of shouting in Chinese from outside. The Manager then came in and told me that the woman would not continue and was ´done´, so they would not be completing the job. I then began to complain and the manageress started shouting in my face that I was always complaining and I had stressed the therapist out so much by my constant complaining that she would not continue, so they would need me to leave the salon immediately. I then decided to cut my losses and leave this awful salon, and when outside I approached the Manager to make my feelings known, she then ran at me with her eyes bulging and screaming what I assume to be extreme obscenities at me in Chinese, she continued to scream in my face, to the point where I thought she would punch me or assault me in some was, before screaming ´f*ck´off repeatedly into my face, while actually foaming at the mouth. It got to the point where the apprentice pulled her away, saying ´that´s enough´and she escorted me to the door, while the manageress continues to scream and curse me as I left.

In short,the waxer had no idea what she was doing, nobody spoke English, they were willing to send me away in such a disgusting fashion, and their equipment was filthy.
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