Christopher St James

Jeweller at 12 Cecil Court
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12 Cecil Court
Trafalgar Square
077 6854 8371
Nearest Station
Leicester Square
0.04 miles
Opening Summary
Wednesday to Saturday, 11-30am to 6pm

Costume jewellery, vintage and modern. Vintage posters, art deco. Theatre and film design.

User Reviews

from London sw3

Apr 25, 2012

I LOVE this shop. More stars than in the sky shop here, but owner is very down to earth, and treats everyone the same. Last time i went, Diana Rigg was chatting away, time before met Joan Rivers. Have also seen Judy Dench, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Hopkins, and more. I can afford it too, heaven!!

Name: roxanne
Location: London sw3

Jul 12, 2011

Have admired the window displays for some time but only recently became a customer. Friendly service and a most remarkable collection of reasonably priced jewelry; the bracelet I selected proved to be a popular choice. Would recommend to anybody.
from Battersea

Feb 24, 2011

A message to people who are serious lovers of expressive and unique jewelry.
I have never visited such a treasure trove of delightful, inspiring and truly heavenly delights, this shop is one of my all time favorites and I've travelled the globe for incredible pieces for my collection.
It opens the mind to art, fashion of the times, real craftsmanship and inner beauty, everything you see is a work of art and you feel the love that has gone into making each earring, necklace or cufflink. I can guarantee you'll find a piece that resonates with you, as though perhaps you wore it in a past lifetime, as say... Josephine Baker, Wallace Simpson...Nefertiti.
To own such booty one might be fooled into thinking you'd have to take out a mortgage but that's the best bit, the price range means that this collection of rare delights is accessible to all
One of the most fabulous staples to this truly gorgeous boutique is the owner and jewelry designer, without his personality and sharp eye for the most delicious pieces the true jewel would be missing from this crown. Love, from a heartfelt fan

Name: Naomi
Location: Battersea
from Yorkshire

Jan 20, 2011

we visited London for the first time and decided to explore the back streets. we came across this shop and I was in heaven. The most beautiful costume jewellery I have seen!! The shop was inspiring! With the quality of the pieces I was expecting a silly price tag, much to my pleasant surprise it the opposite. I will definitely visit upon my return to London next year!!!!

I only wish he had a website!

Name: Jennifer
Location: Yorkshire

Apr 3, 2010

What a shop this is. A great find. It has to be the best costume jewellery in London.I was made to feel very welcome, with no pressure to buy, unlike a lot of other shops in the area. St. James designs a lot of the pieces himself, and he is very creative. He also sources great vintage and one off pieces. If you are a LEA STEIN collector, then this is nirvana. He is their agent in the UK, and has a huge collection at the best prices I have seen. Forget all those samey high street shops, this is a true independent, and should be treasured. Cecil Court itself is wonderful, and deserves a visit in it's own right. It is like London used to be, but has now almost dissapeared. Here you are taken back to a friendlier, more courteous time. It really is a lovely place to while away a little time.
Harry, london.
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