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Medical Centre at 195 Rush Green Road
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195 Rush Green Road
Town Centre
01708 741872
Nearest Station
0.66 miles
Medical Centres
Opening Times
Monday Open 08:30 - Closes 13:30
Open 18:30 - Closes 20:00
Tuesday Open 08:30 - Closes 13:30
Open 18:30 - Closes 20:00
Wednesday Open 08:30 - Closes 13:30
Open 15:30 - Closes 18:30
Thursday Open 08:30 - Closes 13:30
Open 15:30 - Closes 18:30
Friday Open 08:30 - Closes 13:30
Open 15:30 - Closes 18:30
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

User Reviews

Husneara Ali
from Romford

Aug 9, 2021

I have been calling front desk reception ever since my dad come back from covid and after a stroke after 11 weeks stay in from hospital. Receptionist Trisha has been super nice and always been very friendly and polite on my query when ever I called in or went in front desk. Her other staff at the front desk are lovely to. Want to thank again with your lovely support and respond from doctors to quickly on email to. Makes you feel comfortable that my parents are with modern medical centre. Thank you everyone
annoyed patient
from rush green

Dec 8, 2014

One doctor is brilliant the other one believes know one is ever ill and he causes serious health issues later on..the reception are so ridiculously bad for instance I was told to call today for a appointment Tuesday however I have been trying to call every 5 mins from 8:30am till 11:30am and I can guarantee they will say no appointments you called to late try next week..they need an up to date phone line that puts people in a queue especially since its now called the MODERN medical centre yet they cant even get a modern phone..Dont expect this to change any time soon been here for 13 years
very ill and needing help
from romford

Mar 21, 2011

pros-- friendly drs--clean building --free parking--minor surgery unit--physio on site.this surgery has all the makings of a very good practice but it is being let down majorly by the staff employed and the appointment scheme.

cons-- rude reception staff who think they know more than the drs, if you try to make an appointment in the morning the phone will just ring continually for the first half an hour(no engaged tone),once finally answered all the available slots for the day are gone even though its a phone on the day and turn up system in place.
There is only 3nr pre booked appointments available per day and these are always booked up 3 weeks in advance.
So if your ill chances are you will be better before you get to see the GP.
However if your unfortunate like i am and have an on going medical condition and you need to see your Dr on a regular basis you have no chance.
I have just spent the last 4 days trying to get an appointment only to be told by the worlds ruddiest receptionist computer says no.
my advice don't get ill or even better go to a different drs surgery if possible.

Name: very ill and needing help
Location: romford
misss frustrated
from romford

Mar 21, 2011

since they have changed their booking system it is almost impossible to get in to see your gp or any gp in this surgery, the receptionists are constantly on the phone so possibly only one appointment line is open, whats more frustrating is you cannot pre book an appointment all appointments apparently are pre booked for the next three weeks ? how is this... so is this the same with all surgeries now or is it time to change my gp :( an annoyed patient

Name: misss frustrated
Location: romford
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