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Newsagent at 140 Upper Clapton Road
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140 Upper Clapton Road
Lower Clapton
E5 9JZ
020 8806 3500
Lower Clapton
Nearest Station
0.23 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 06:00 - Closes 19:00
Tuesday Open 06:00 - Closes 19:30
Wednesday Open 06:00 - Closes 19:30
Thursday Open 06:00 - Closes 19:00
Friday Open 06:00 - Closes 19:30
Saturday Open 06:00 - Closes 19:30
Sunday Open 07:00 - Closes 16:00

User Reviews


Mar 5, 2012

I would advise people to be VERY CAUTIOUS when entering this shop!

Last week I bought a soft drink there. I was in rush so I didn’t check it for a sale by date. Thirty seconds after I bought the drink and was about to open it, I realised it was two months out of date! I immediately went back to the shop for an exchange or refund. The lady at the counter happily exchanged this for me and apologised for selling me an out of date drink.

Today, when I went back into the shop to pay a bill, she verbally attacked me, shouting viciously from the top of lungs that I had pulled a scam on her last week and that the drink I bought back to the shop for exchange was not purchased from her establishment. She said very rudely that I was looking at all the drinks in the shop to see which one I could take, and return. She implied I was ‘switching goods’ in her shop so it appeared I had bought an out of date product from her shop. I stated that she had served me both times and I did get the drink from her shop and that I had not switched any goods or tampered with any of the shop's goods. I stated I was not looking at all the drinks, I was deciding which drink to buy, as there was a vast selection in the fridge.

She then accused me, in front of ten other customers, of obtaining goods from her shop under false pretences, which in effect means she was accusing me of stealing from her shop! I informed her that I would be reporting her to the appropriate body and that her behaviour towards me was despicable, disgraceful and unacceptance. I also firmly stated that I had not stolen from her shop!

She refused to give me back the card I paid my bill with until she wrote down all my personal information, which is in fact illegal and breaking the Data Protection Act,
as she had no purpose for my information.

After I managed to get my card back, I phoned Trading Standards! They confirmed she had committed slander, and I had the right to take the matter to a civil court
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