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545-561 Holloway Road
N19 4BT
020 7272 1228
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Roger Stonely
from Islington

Jun 8, 2022

Absolutely appalling service, tried to overcharge me on paint several times and feigned ignorance when called out on it.
from Archway

Jan 26, 2021

visited to ask about my broken door handle and the staff went above and beyond to help me and explain to me how I could fix it. Including letting me video them explaining it and also sawing a screw to ensure that it suited my needs! And all this free of charge! Thank you so much! Will be back for any future needs and will highly recommend!
Matthew Ryan
from Finsbury Park

Sep 4, 2020

The diamond in the crown of the Holloway Road (the ruby and emerald are Franchi's and Sparks - the sapphire was Thomas Bros and we still mourn its loss).

Mar 11, 2012

I refurbished my house 4 years ago totally with Chris Stevens ' bathroom goods. 2 loos, a shower set, 3 sets of taps, white goods, all different brands. At the I was pleased enough with service , even chatted with Chris himself who seemed definitely a character. The prices seemed good value. HOWEvER boy do I regret my purchases now. I am having another sleepless night with an over-filling toilet while it gurgles continually, and at high volume, all the more difficult as im heavily pregnant. Ever single tap has leaked on and off for 4 years causing flooding and costs to repairing ceilings etc. the shower unit I bought for £600 has required the engineer from the supplier to come round to my house 5 times and I am still left with the same piston problem ( whining noises, jarring hammering noise , stuck thermostat) 4 years later. Every pop up waste on each of the basins broke within a few months of fitting. The bath taps cannot be turned on without plenty of towels around to mop up as much water coming out of their bases as the tap itself. I tried complaining but they're not interested and the warranties are (I assume??) out of date now.

So as I lie awake thinking how much a plumber costs to call out on a Sunday, I am pretty damn fuming - this malfunctioning 2nd toilet is the last straw. I have other bathroom/ kitchen fixtures and fittings in the house and none of them have broken...


Jan 24, 2012

I too am wondering whether some of these low reviews are for the same shop. Myself & my family have been buying bathrooms etc from Chris Stevens for 10 years. Six years after buying a shower enclosure it shattered & Kip over the last 2 days has been nothing but helpful and kind in helping me get a replacement and liasing with manufacturers on my behalf. His customer service has been second to none and this is coming from a seasoned sales professional who rarely finds reason to compliment people on their service. I have & will continue to recommend them as suppliers & their staff especially Kip who does care about their customers.

Dec 8, 2011


Sep 16, 2011

Don't buy their heated chrome towel rails, the chrome finish is a very thin layer and comes off as soon as the towel rail is exposed to water/ condensation resulting in the underlying metal rusting.

Aug 22, 2011

disgusted the way i got treated in there. i came looking for just some gloss and im not a paint expert so i just asked for some help for a man who was working there. He couldn't even speak English!!! i was then directed to the reception by some other employee who didn't have time to help me cause he "still had 3 minutes left on his break". At the reception i was greeted by a man who asked rudely what i wanted. I replied in the nicest way possible i could just some gloss for doors. He then told me something that i couldn't understand through his accent so i asked him to repeat. He then rolled his eyes and came running out behind the reception and grabbed my arm and leaded me in the direction of the gloss. I pushed him away and told him not to touch me like that. Just then the owner of the place Chris Stevens came over and demanded why i was being rude to his staff. I told him what happened and he didn't believe a word of it and called me a liar. My husband, who i am using as a user, had visited the store a couple of times and had met Chris Stevens a couple of times and described him as a money grabbing,nasty,arrogant little man. Meeting him kinda finalized this description. I was the customer but i was not being treated as such. Chris Stevens then got the gloss for me and handed it over with the words "that wasn't hard was it" I went to pay and I as I was paying I saw Chris talking to the employee and laughing and then pointing at me. This made me feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed. I couldn't wait to get out the store. Next time Im going to home base.
Response from Mick Manager
There was no record of the above sequence of events having taken place at the time. An odd review.

Oct 7, 2021

Response from EG Customer
I don't work there and I'm not a painter & decorator either, I just use Chris Stevens from time to time for my own DIY. Chris Stevens is used by the trade for a reason - good stock, great prices and knowledgable staff. I've always been served efficiently and well here and I'm glad this shop exists in the area, otherwise my only other local option is sodding Homebase, where it takes half an hour to just to find an employee, who generally turns out to be some clueless teenager. With Elson's down the road shut down to turn into flats, it's good to still have an affordable, independent outlet.

Perhaps the reason why one of the staff didn't speak English was that they employ some Eastern Europeans in order to communicate with the all the E. European builders and decorators that come in - smart move I think.

When you use what's primarily a trade outlet as one of Joe Public you can't expect it to be like walking in to John Lewis. If you're intimidated by men talking loudly and wearing overalls (which is what it seems like from some of the reviews on this site) then maybe this isn't the place for you. Sounds like this woman freaked out after a 'working class person' touched her arm! Flipping heck, grow up love.

(Just watch out for the parking - you've got 20 mins on the red route, on the shop side before 1pm, and on the opposite side after 1pm)

Oct 13, 2011

Response from Thomas F. Painter and Decorator
Dear John12

I would like to respond to your comment as it is an utter nonsense! I'm wondering if you are one of their concurrent?! I've been going there regularly for 6 years and I've never had ANY bad experience. They are one of the most helpful people I met in my life!!! I really hope people won't read your silly comment as it is very very far from reality!
I wish all the staffs in the world's shops were like them at Chris Stevens!

Sep 13, 2011

from Camden

Mar 14, 2011

Very fair pricing was £26 5L Dulux trade mix colored paint in 2010 and £40 every else in fact all the paint is fairly priced. We made so many mistakes paniting our flat that if it wasent for Chris Stevens pricing we could not have afforded to repaint. So great paint shop good staff and our tiles were £40 metre for crema marble 10x10 tiles they were £70-80 in most other shops so if your on a budget and and in london would recommend Chris Stevens

Name: Nipo
Location: Camden
from North London

Mar 8, 2011

Like an other reviewer has mentioned, Chris Stevens is essentially a Trade shop specializing in paint and tiles and accessories of both these things.In these fields they are brilliant with competitive prices to match.In my opinion if you don't like what they have to offer go to Homebase and pay triple the price!
Sure, some of the younger staff aren't exactly knowledgeable about things such as plumbing-but it's fine if you know what you want Good to hear they're opening a new branch up in Muswell Hill later in 2011- Long Live Chris Stevens!

Name: Rick
Location: North London
Lenval Ltd
from Essex

Mar 1, 2011

Eager to take your money, but a pain to get the goods. when they do eventually deviver they try and charge you more money.

They may be competitive but not worth it.

Complete load of rubbish. Will never use again, Stay away.

Name: Lenval Ltd
Location: Essex
Response from Mick Manager
"Lenval Ltd" IS NOT KNOWN has never been known to our organisation. An odd review.

Feb 11, 2022

Karen Yarnell
from Kennington

Feb 21, 2011

I have used Chris Stevens many many times and always have had a good result. The staff are knowledgable, helpful and carry all your stuff for you. Sometimes it is like a marketplace but you only have to stand still for a minute and someone will ask if you need help. Can't believe that some people have only given 2/3 stars. The prices for paint are unbeatable and even though I live in South London I always go there for my materials. Well done.

Name: Karen Yarnell
Location: Kennington
from Highgate

Feb 15, 2011

I found Chris's plumbing shop has a lot of items that I need but the stuff are rude
and not helpful. They talk to you as if they don't have time, and when something goes
wrong they don't try to help their customers.

Name: nickkita
Location: Highgate
from x

Jan 26, 2011

Chris Stevens will not give out prices over the phone. What's up with that??

Name: x
Location: x

Dec 1, 2010

Chris Stevens is primarily a trade shop there for they are used to dealing with tradesmen who know what they want , if you want to use Chris Stevens the best thing to do is get at least a rough idea of what you want dont expect to quiz the guys with 50 questions on bath taps ! thats what the INTERNET is for !!!
they sell good quality , low price merchandise .
seems to me that the bad feed back on here are from DIY-ers who are used to the service of the likes of Home Bass and B&Q , if thats what your used to then stick to HOME BASS and B&Q
James Burchett

Oct 16, 2010

I bought a bathroom cabinet from Chris Stevens. When hanging it I noticed the doors were out of line, the catch didn't work and they had given me the wrong model. When I went to the shop the guy behind the counter was very helpful and was dealing with the issue. Suddenly Chris Stevens himself comes over, got an update on the situation from the assistant, and made a decision to contact the supplier and that they would contact me. I said this wasn't acceptable as my contract was with Chris Stevens not the supplier. Suddenly Chris Stevens poked his fingers at me and said don’t you try and bring the law into it because you won't win'. I was surprised by his attitude so began to explain the situation again. Chris Stevens then said to his colleague to call the supplier and let them know they have a 'fussy' customer. I pointedly told Chris I wasn't being fussy its that they had sold me a defective product. I could not produce the receipt as I had misplaced it so Chris accused me of being 'inefficient'! And this is from a man who sold me a product which was not only defective but the incorrect product! The manager of the store then came over and I was able to have a sensible conversation with him and we came to an agreement on how to resolve the issue. I have no beef with the staff in the shop as they are always very helpful. The owner on the other hand needs to show more respect and common courtesy to his customers. I might come here if I need some nails or something because it’s convenient but won’t ever be making a larger purchase here again.

Jul 22, 2010

Best customer service ever, unbeatable prices.
Have been supplying all kind of paints, tools and other materials from them for over 2 yers and wouldn't go anywhere else any more. The staff is very kind and helpful, they even help loading the car without aking to do so. There's a 20 mins parking allowance outside the shop, they keep an eye on your car, and if you're close to the 20 mins, they warn you, so you don't get a penalty ticket. Fabulous.
The quality of the materials they sell is excellent, they can also give an advice regarding the best tool to use for a particular job.
Definetly highly recommend to anyone, both trade and public.

May 5, 2010

I have used this company for several years. I now live in the Hasting area, but still buy product on visits to London. I run a small cleaning / property managemant company and in this tough trading market price is key.
Chris Steven has allowed us to offer our client competive prices and therefore retaining and getting more of the jobs that we tender for. My father now deceased use to use this company and I see no reason to change from this company no matter where I live.

Apr 7, 2010

Extremely rude and unhelpful on the telephone. Put through to the wrong department, left on hold for ages, then insulted by the person who finally answered my call! Can't imagine how they still have any customers left, based on this standard of customer service! Shop elsewhere, or online, instead.

Mar 18, 2010

I bought all my bathroom items here (sink / bath / shower etc.) and had no problems - the staff were able to offer compatible items. However, this is primarily a trade outlet so you need to have some idea of what you want beforehand - if you go in without a clue they cannot offer a 'design' service. It is up to you to be able to visualise how it will all look when it's put together, as items are displayed by type and not in suites.

The shop has a vast range, but the staff seem to know about all of it when asked. Finding what you want can be tricky though as some things seem to just be put where there's space - it all appears to be a bit chaotic. My advice is to have a good look round first and get some ideas, then talk to one of the members of staff who will then be able to recommend alternatives or similar 'not on display' items. Don't go first thing in the morning as that's when the trade is in getting supplies for their day - after that the staff will have lots of time for you.

I find their prices to be very competitive - I have special ordered a couple of radiators through them, and prices always beat anything I can find on the internet by a significant margin. They are also very helpful and, for example, always carry goods out and load my car for me, even when I offer to do it myself.

I will definitely be going back in the future, and have shopped here several times in the past without any problems. Highly recommended.

Mar 8, 2010

This shop supplies goods at low prices. The term 'customer service' is something of an unknown to them however and the staff appear to lack the most basic training in creating a good impression to the customer.

Almost every item in the bathroom suite I ordered through them did not arrive on time, or was damaged (and allowed to leave their shop without being checked over adequately). Their attitude to resolving these issues was shocking. Not once did anyone apologise for mistakes made or inconvenience caused. Further, the onus was entirely on me to propose solutions to problems.

Not one of the many staff I had to deal with took responsibility for handling the situation, instead hiding behind a series of excuses. The general attitude I would describe as not caring, bordering on hostility.

For supplies and off-the-shelf items I have no complaints. If I started again however, I would pay 20% extra to avoid having to deal with this company for large items that have to be ordered in.

Mar 5, 2010

most of the staff, especially the eastern European women but also some of the locals , are very well informed and helpful and you can park nearby morning and afternoons


Feb 3, 2010

I needed some coving and looked on the web. No offers came close to Chris Stevens in price. I bought one length and reserved 8 more which they got wrapped and ready for me to collect. Courteous and helpful. I always buy paint there, and have for years.

Nov 8, 2009

The service is very good, parking is problematical. Its very competive pricewise for paints but its not cheaper than lots of other places for bathroom stuff.

Oct 31, 2009

Very impressive and very affordable. A builder next door recommended this to me, for getting paint and similar supplies. Whilst shopping, I was helped to find items and was also provided with good advice about products. Of course, you need to ask. I have since in turn recommended this shop to friends and will definitely be returning.

Sep 9, 2009

Great people ..

Super Service...

recommended strongly....

Jul 31, 2009

The service in this store was truly beyond my expectation. I was on my merry way to East Finchley when I spotted the store. I popped in for a quick browse, 1 hour later I had broughts approx 8 pots of paints for mine and my daughter's bedroom, the hallway and the living room. The guy, who I cannot recall his name (small, more mature guy with dark hair greying at the side, Chris comes to mind) was soooo patient, he gave sound advise and clearly had a lot of knowledge in painting & decorating. I was truly suprised despite it being busy he took his time and went at my pace. I am in now way a push over but was thrilled that he was able to help me compare and contrast paints prior to making my final decision. I too am a woman and found I was not treat like an idiot nor patronised. Since I got home I have been singing their praised, so much so my mum wants me to take down there this Saturday all the way from Essex (would you adam and eve it). So Big thank you.

Jul 22, 2009

The service is poor and the goods are poor. Would not recomend this shop. Treat women like idiots.

Jun 18, 2009

This really is where the local tradespeople get their decorating supplies, cheap and good range of stock. Specialist areas for tiling and for bathrooms. Good advice.
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