George G

Unisex Hairdresser at 146 Queensway
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5 / 10 from 5 reviews
146 Queensway
W2 6LY
020 7243 0572
Nearest Station
0.21 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 09:00 - Closes 20:00
Tuesday Open 09:00 - Closes 20:00
Wednesday Open 09:00 - Closes 20:00
Thursday Open 09:00 - Closes 20:00
Friday Open 09:00 - Closes 20:00
Saturday Open 09:00 - Closes 19:00
Sunday Open 11:00 - Closes 18:00

George g is an unisex hairdressers which also specialises in beauty treatments for both men and women. They also provide a wide range of treatments such as manicures, pedicures and massages.

User Reviews

from London

Jan 27, 2023

This salon is just pure awful !!!
Went in for balayage, whilst washing my hair one woman got me soaked !! All down my back!! .. then left me in the chair freezing under the air conditioning .. offered me no hot drinks !
Then the stylist got completely the wrong colour on my hair burnt it .. then left the toner on for way too long my hair went back looking dark he burnt the front on my hair .. and charged me £225!!
Slagged off another customer to me
I went to another salon the next day who done a beautiful job on my hair and I went back to George and asked for a refund !!
He refunded me what I paid to have my hair fixed the stylist who done my hair become confrontational and was talking about me in his language to another colleague who is a horrible woman they don’t know what they are doing here !!!
from London

Sep 26, 2022

They're racist. They do not like black people, and they palm you off to different hair stylists as they are not 'bothered' to deal with black hair. They also humiliate black customers and told them that if they have black or afro hair they need to call first and tell them.
from London

Jun 29, 2021

I have been a customer of George Hairdressers in Queensway for a a few years & will not change as I find their hairdressers are very skilled & friendly. They make you feel relax & you come out with a great haircut or beautifully highlighted/dyed hair.
Also the price is reasonable for the quality you get. Definitely recommended.
from London

Apr 22, 2017

My appointment was close to closing time and I felt I was a hindrance that they all wanted to go home even though there was still half an hour left. I had an appointment with the persian hairdresser and she was just so unprofessional. I told her I just wanted a wash and a blow dry that It was my engagement party she kept asking me questions about my party and i told where it would take place and then she proceeded to ask me which was the dumbest question 'whose doing your hair'?? I was so shocked why do you think I came here!!! She didnt put any hair spray in my hair she said you can just put on hairspray when you get there. Hardly any effort put in. I could have just straightened my hair at home and saved effort and money. The woman washing my hair got my engagement dress wet which obviously would make my hair frizzy. The woman at reception was just distracting everyone and hardly doing any work. Worst experience it was like being in a classroom and the teachers away. Avoid this pla

Oct 31, 2012

I've been a 10 ten regular customer. The Hairdressers are usually well trained. Sa'ab is very good. I'm frequently complimented on my haircut, so vanity keeps me returning. There's a variety of staff on the hair washing level. George and the all the staff are extremely friendly and professional.

Apr 5, 2011

hello those who are wanting to go to this hairdresser,
I strongly advise you against going to this hairdressers.
I recently received a Wash, Cut and Blow dry from this hairdressers
and i loved the hair cut when i came out i immediatly smelt a strong burning smell coming off my hair.....then i came to wash my hair and my hair smelt even worse, i took no notice of it then i started to put shampoo in my hair and clumps of my hair began to fall out.
Then i added the conditioner and even more clamps began to fall out and i started to worry.
after i washed it and brushed more hair came out and i nearly had a panic attack.
unless you would like to experience the same as i did do not go to this hairdresser.
your better paying more at a better hair dresser.
this is by far one of the most worst experiences of my life and as you can imagine hair means alot to a girl/women.
even after my hair was washed the smell remained.
i honestly regret going to this hairdresser.
if you chose to go to this hairdresser do not let them blow dry your hair or straighten it. my hair was thin to start with and now its even thinner.
i am very disappointed with the what happened and thats why i decided to write a review.
i am just sharing my disgust with the hairdresser its my personal opinion sorry if i offend.
i hope this has narrowed down your search as to which hair dresser you will be choosing.
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