London's Best Hangover Cures

Overdone it? Allow caring Auntie AIL to get you back on your feet...


The Serpentine (Hyde Park)
If your head’s pounding there’s no better way to break through the fog than by stripping off and taking the plunge. Bath’s are good and everything but an outdoor pool is much better when you’re seeing double, so grab your costume and goggles and bomb your way back to life for free at The Serpentine.

Kabuto Noodles’ Hangover Taxi
In one of the more wacky PR stunts out there, Kabuto Noodles run a hangover taxi for those who like to consume on a work night. The Kab-U-To Work Hangover Taxi is pre-booked for the following morning and arrives with paracetamol, mints, sunglasses, fresh orange and a hot steaming bowl of noodles. Now, while this may sound like a hot steaming bowl of something else, it is actually true.

Take a Walk
We know, just saying ‘take a walk’ isn’t the most persuasive argument when sitting at home in front of a Modern Family marathon feels so much more ‘right’. But hear us out. What you need is a focal point, a destination and the lure of a sense of achievement waiting for you. So walk the length of the Regents Canal, to the top of Hampstead Heath, along the Southbank or the circumference of Chiswick Park; whatever works.

Rio Cinema
Exercise is only good for the fuzzy head so if it’s the stomach-based hangover we’re talking then the promise of dimmed lights, plush velvet seats and a tender rom-com double bill is just the remedy. Sadly, the Rio Cinema in Dalston tends toward pairing together edgier cult offerings but it does have a bar so the hair of the dog technique can be incorporated along with some sleep if the movie gets too slow.
\n\nBeard to Tail for a Bloody Mary
Forget everything else on offer at this Curtain Road meat and whisky bar and opt for one of their ultimate hangover cures. Named the Bloody Marvellous, this extreme take on the Bloody Mary includes Jack Daniels, tomato juice, Worcester sauce, chilli spice, paprika, port and lemon juice with pork crackling served on the side. It’ll be the best £9.50 you spend that day.

Columbia Road Flower Market
Wake up and smell the flowers at Columbia Road on Sunday morning where the mixture of chirpy early birds and the weekly botanical wonderland will provide you with a natural remedy that says feel-good more than half a dozen viewings of Cool Runnings.

Monmouth Coffee
Ain’t nothing like a strong cup o’ Joe to put your head right after some heavy drinking and nowhere serves ‘Joe’ quite as well as Monmouth Coffee. Unfortunately, if your hangover falls on a Sunday you’re fresh out of luck because Monmouth is closed. So, alternatively, try Prufrock on Leather Lane or Tapped and Packed on Wardour Street.

\n\nGolden Dragon
We all know about the benefits of a fry-up the morning after the night before but a spot of dim sum can be just as good for rejuvenation. Grease, MSG, umami… there’s everything you want in that salty Cantonese goodness. Golden Dragon would be our Chinatown recommendation.

Barclays Bike Tour
Find a docking station; swipe your card and away you go – preferably to a park or a wide-open space where you can feel the wind in your face. Staying in bed will get you nowhere, hiring a Barclays Bike will get you everywhere – literally.

The Horse and Groom
If none of the above suggestions are floating your boat then don’t attempt to cure, just carry on at one of the Horse and Groom’s Sunday Sessions, where disco, deep house and a few more drinks should stave off the inevitable hangover from ever arriving.

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