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London’s Early Days
London’s diverse population currently tops 8 million. But who were the first settlers? We take a look at the city from its earliest days up to medieval times.
The Tower of London
The Tower of London has been a fortress, place of residence, prison, execution site and zoo.
London’s Most Gruesome Murderers
OK, so London's a pretty safe place, on the whole, but here are some tales of a murky associated with murder.
Disabled Access: Nightlife
London offers plenty to do at night, and luckily the city does a fairly good job of ensuring everyone is welcome to take part.
Olympic London
Back in 2005 London was chosen to host the 2012 Games, but this was not the first time the capital had been selected. We take a look at London’s Olympic past.
The Weirdest Job Titles Past and Present
“What do you do for a living?” is perhaps the most common icebreaker of them all. But what if your job title is so convoluted you need a 20 minute monologue to explain what you do?
Where artists find their muses
London’s neighbourhoods, streets, hotels and museums are a source of inspiration for many artists.
London's most expensive things
Just incase Donald Trump, Alan Sugar or Jimmy Carr are reading this we've put together a list of ways to spend your hard earned millions in London.
The Kings Cross Revamp
Once upon a time the Kings Cross area was the subject of much stigma. Now it’s being sanitised in a multi-billion pound overhaul.
Where to shop
If you want to shop - then you've come to one of the best cities in the world! Here’s our irreverent guide to London’s main retail centres old and new.
Off the tourist path in London
Here we pick the best of non-tourist trap London, and tell you how to stay off the beaten path, even within zone 1.
London's Wackiest Awards
Why would you compete for an award as prosaic as 'Best Hotel' or 'Best Bar' when you could take home of the accolade of 'Shed of the Year' or 'Champion Cucumber Sandwich Discus Thrower'?
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