where is the most wonderful place you have visited in the world

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Where is the most stunning, beautiful, dramatic place you have ever been. Or is there a place that left an impression on you ?????

Details please.

Mine is Summer Island in the indian Ocean. By day clear blue sky, and miles of crystal clear water white sand and peace and quiet, under the water another world with sights beyond belief and by night the sky was clear so the stars looked like diamonds hanging on black velvet and so low you felt you could reach up and pick the off. A truly fantastic once in a life time experience!!!!
Posted: 2008-10-08 15:04:04
It doesn't matter where you go or what you see, it's the memories you bring back. I have been to many beautiful places around the world. You could be in paradise, but you may not enjoy it.

I have many happy memories from Afghanistan, you meet people, share with people...emotions, stories etc......

Afghanistan is a shit hole, and i lived in a shit hole.....but i have many happy memories ( and a few shit ones )

x x x x
Posted: 2008-10-08 15:29:04
Its very true that the memories are important, and i agree that you could be anywhere and the feelings you have are what you remember good or bad. Its about what we choose to take from things that make us who we are!

Having wonderful memories are just as real as feeling peace or getting real inspiration from a view, or someone you are with.

I am not trying to disagree with you just put a different thought over.

Sometimes things can get hold of you in the most unexpected way as this place did with me. I hope you have or will get the chance to find that too.. :thumbsup:
Posted: 2008-10-08 16:03:38
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