Silvana: help or not

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Posted: Thursday the 16th December 2010 at 13:21

Silvana: help or not

This thread relates to a business featured on All In London

I went to silvana shop in golders green a few days ago and bought many things because It is around Christmas time, next day I went to see these people asking for help
to exchange or refund couple of them, and this lady really refused to help at all, and I am really sorry about her attitude. this is nasty.

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Posted: Thursday the 16th December 2010 at 13:59

I expect many people will experience this with Christmas coming and many items being returned throughout the land.

It does help to know your rights if you are not sure of them because there are so many stores out there that break the rules. And there is no better feeling when you return something for a refund and they say no and you then go on to reel out the Sale of Goods Act and various other legal jargon for them to then back down and give you your money back!

What did you say to them?

Legally they don't have to refund or exchange if 'you simply don't like an item' Most stores will though to keep the customer happy. A happy customer will return after all.

Money back though if it was faulty/damaged/poor quality.
Did you have a receipt? Many shops will say no receipt, no refund. Not entirely true as a credit or debit card statement is a proof of purchase and you can use this.

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