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Posted: Monday the 23rd May 2011 at 16:31

masters help - body image UK

Hi all, I'm a postgrad student doing some research for my masters dissertation into facebook and body image and the sometimes negative effects which social media can have on the way people perceive themselves.

Was wondering what people (16+) thought about facebook, has it ever made you worry about your weight/body? Be more critical about yourself? Spark off or worsen an eating problem?

Please reply to this thread with any thoughts ASAP or I can give a private email or direct message me if you would prefer.

Anything would be really helpful!
Thanks in advance x

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Posted: Tuesday the 24th May 2011 at 08:58

Maybe I'm too old to be affected, but can't say that facebook has made any impact on me in that way. Perhaps it's more of a thing for teenagers who are still in the teenage-angst phase re their bodies? I don't use facebook that much, maybe go on once a week to see what friends are up to. Not sure what else to say to help....

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