tube pickpockets

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Posted: Monday the 5th March 2007 at 15:43

tube pickpockets

Has anyone seen the stories in the press recently about gangs of pickpockets from Eastern Europe operating on the tube? Supposedly they've appeared in the past couple of months, since Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU. I'm researching the subject for a magazine. Has anyone who uses the tube regularly seen or heard anything for themselves which matches the story?

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Posted: Friday the 9th March 2007 at 15:47

Not heard about this Confused

I'm always wary of my personal space on the tube anyway, I'm always very aware of my wallet/phone/keys - I hate the idea of some petty thief getting my stuff Angry

Lived in London since 2003, it's alright I suppose.

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Posted: Wednesday the 11th April 2007 at 17:18

Lazy research, dude, lazy research

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