Photocard no.

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Posted: Friday the 16th March 2007 at 23:18

Photocard no.

Hello! A while ago I posted some questions about the Tube. The response was great. Thank you very much. But I have another question. Embarassed I bought 2 Adult Travelcards for a week. I really don't get what "valid only when shown with photocard no".. do I have to show my passport? Confused I really hope I bought the right ones...could someone help? thank you! Cool Dude

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Posted: Friday the 20th April 2007 at 13:33

this is probably too late now, but just in case! - to get a weekly travel ticket you will also need to have a photocard. This photocard is just a passport photo on one of the Transport for London cards (which you get from any tube/train station). The ticket you have bought will have the photocard number on it, so you have to show both together to ensure that only you (i.e. the person on the photo) can travel with the ticket.
Hope this is clear - sorry if it is too late, but hopefully you didn't have any issues with your ticket!

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