Brummie Girls invading London!

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Posted: Monday the 1st August 2005 at 14:43

Brummie Girls invading London!

Hey everyone, me and five mates are coming down to London in two weeks (Sat 14th). What would you recommend for a good night out for 6 fun loving brummie ladies? We're not really into hardcore clubbing but would like something a bit more exciting than the theatre. Any ideas? You can see our profiles at Cheers! SamCx

Victoria Barnett
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Posted: Monday the 1st August 2005 at 17:23

Well you could always go on a Bar crawl through Soho, for light clubbing Aquarium is quite fun, upscale clubbing check out China White (celebs & rich guys and unfortunatly sometimes spoilt rich kids), erm there is quite a bit going on outdoors as it is summer. The National Theatre have outdoor concerts pretty much every day by the Thames.....I really can't think what else to say oh yeah if your just into getting heavily drunk and not getting dressed up there is "The Church" on Sunday mornings in The Forum, Kentish Town, I have never been but I have seen some v intresting guys and girls leaving heavily intoxicated!

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