Nice places to live in London??

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Posted: Monday the 29th October 2007 at 12:03

Nice places to live in London??

Hi there,

I recently moved to London and am working in the city. I am living in Hertfordshire and am really starting to detest the commute, not to mention the nightlife in my area!

I had intended to look for a share house in Islington (Angel area) but have been informed that it is not a very safe place.

I would ideally like a place that is central, safe, has good nightlife and entertainment and good transport service.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Posted: Friday the 2nd November 2007 at 13:41

I don't think Islington is any less safe than most areas in London. I know people who have been victims of street crime in 'upmarket' areas. You are very handy for the City and the West End in Islington and it's quite a lively area in its own right. The alternative is living in a really quiet suburb quite far out, in which case there really wouldn't be much point in moving from where you are already, I'd say.

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Posted: Saturday the 24th November 2007 at 10:56

Camden/Islington/Westminster .. all pretty decent boroughs. And yes, all of them have their fair share of crime. Only problem is that, in London, you're bound to have crime anywhere you go. I live in the Camden area and love it by all means. Granted, I'm not quite a party/rave-go'er - but meh, I get what I want out of the location.

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Posted: Monday the 21st July 2008 at 21:20


Firstly I live in West Hampstead and love the area. Its North West - about 15 mins by tube from Oxford Street and has a strip of restaurants.

I would however like to give some advice to anyone to is moving to London and wanting to rent a flat. I moved here 10 months ago from Australia. When I got here we found trouble finding a place that we liked and we ending up renting a place from "Accommodation London". They only rent to foreigners and I thought that given the price I had found myself a good deal.

Watch out - this company is out to rip people off. If there are problems with the place they wont come and fix it - we had 3 leaks in the house by the time we left. If you want to pay your rent in cash you have to pay 12 pounds on top. When you want your bond back it has to go on a credit card - if not they will charge you 50 pounds to give it to you in cash. And thats only the beginning.

Steer clear of "Accommodation London -
and you will have a much enjoyable experience in this great city.

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Posted: Monday the 4th August 2008 at 19:29

I lived in Hoxton, just off the City Road for years, which is next to Islington. I found the area really safe, quite cheap to rent, very central and loads of brilliant bars, restaurants, cafes etc. I'd definitely recommend Islington and the surrounding areas.

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Posted: Sunday the 10th August 2008 at 12:28


Great that I found this thread. Can you also recommend me a location in London to stay with a small child? Want to get a new start there. Would be grateful for any kind of help!



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Posted: Sunday the 10th August 2008 at 19:26

Well, my sister live in Canary Wharf, Thats a really nice place to live Thumbs Up

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Posted: Sunday the 10th August 2008 at 20:38

Depends what you're after and what your budget is, but Dulwich is supposed to be really family-friendly or if you want to be slightly better connected, Clapham Junction/Wandsworth (Northcote Rd) are teaming with yummy-mummy types and lots of cafes to match! In that neck of the woods I'd say steer clear of Clapham North/Stockwell/Vauxhall - not really family-orientated.

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th August 2008 at 12:09

I live in Wanstead London, some celebrities actually use to live here. David beckham lived in Leytonstone (It like a 3 mintue journey from wanstead..) Leytonstone or Leyton is VERY rough. And dodgy. If you go on the central line, you will see wanstead up there.
Near wanstead is south woodford, which is like wanstead, a lovely area. Then you got woodford etc there good.
There are 2 tubes near wanstead One end of wanstead is snares brook and the other is well.. Wanstead.
I've been raised up here all my life, and comparing from other places its pretty neat. Nothing dodgy goes around Wanstead, if you want to find out more:

It is around 15 mintues to Oxford street (same line) and westminster is about 30 mintues. It is very simple and easy to get around, I love wanstead!

When you wake up, you can just go down to the high street and the breeze, the sun shining (most of the time) its lovely.
I travel around wanstead and southwoodford.
Wanstead has restraunts;
woolworths, eye clinic, artshop/thortons, high school, 5 primary schools, fish&chip shop (is the best), dry cleaners, cafes, banks, pubs. Also we are getting a tesco (small one) and a KFC here soon. If you search it really isnt a dodgy area. Where I live, around the corner(litcherally) is south wood ford, so on my address it would be classed as southwoodford, so I love them both.

South woodford, has more, it has the regular, cafes, restraunts, pubs, woolowrths, pizza express, sainsburys, cinema.. a tad more.

Sorry I'm rambling on, but this is showing how much I appreicate where I live Happy

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th August 2008 at 18:04

Hi. Thanks for your replies. Does anyone know by chance where I can find something good on the internet?


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Posted: Tuesday the 12th August 2008 at 18:41

Hi Lena,

I went in London last year for a 3 days trip with friends. London is quite huge so it is better to have a website with many adress. I can advise you the website where I ordered my flat, it is studios92 and it is easy to book from this website and you have all the prices and all the areas in London

I hope it wil help you to find an acco;;odation in this fantastic city



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