Tottenham - Any opinions?

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Posted: Tuesday the 17th June 2008 at 11:15

Tottenham - Any opinions?

I'm looking at the area of Tottenham to move to, does anyone have any knowledge of this area? Would like to know what its like. I'm planning on heading to London soon to take a look around but any views of people who already know the area are very welcome.

Hope you can help.

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Posted: Wednesday the 25th June 2008 at 17:04

Welcome LondonBound Waving

I'm not overly familiar with Tottenham to be honest. The best thing to do is to come and visit any part of London you're thinking about moving to, spend half a day there and you'll know whether or not it's for you.

Good luck and welcome to London (for when you move Happy)

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Posted: Thursday the 26th June 2008 at 14:00

I think there's a rubbish football team based in the area Smug

Lived in London since 2003, it's alright I suppose.

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