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Posted: Thursday the 26th June 2008 at 19:30

Trustworthy Ticket websites

Hi all,

Is there anyone who can give me a trustworthy ticketwebsite?
I'm looking for a ticket for "Witches of Eastwick"with Marti Pellow.
However the show will be touring the U.K. and it's only in London for a week.
Through the website of the theatre I can order tickets, but there's no secure exit.
I'm not going to order through Ticketmaster, because it is most likely due to them that my creditcard has been hacked twice !
Unfortunately I can't order through the London theatre website, because "Witches of Eastwick" isn't among the musicals you can buy tickets for.
I'm from the Netherlands, so I can't just go to the theatre to buy tickets.
And there's no ticketagency here where I can buy tickets.
Of course I don't want to wait too long. I'll be comin over to London especially, so I want a good seat !
Please, any suggestions are very welcome !
Thanks !

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