Help me move to London! Please?

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Posted: Saturday the 12th July 2008 at 18:41

Help me move to London! Please?

Hi all!

Thanks so much for reading.

Basically, I'm rather frustrated. I want to move soooooo much, but I'm finding everything to be rather difficult. How in the world can I get a visa...and do i even need a visa or just a work permit? If I do need a visa, which one do I need? I don't qualify for the HSMP based on income level here in the US. (Damn that conversion!)

Is it hopeless? I feel that everything is a Catch 22!

I would appreciate ANY advice from anyone who has moved or knows much about it.

I have friends there, so my main concerns are being legal to work and live in the UK and then finding a job.


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Posted: Monday the 14th July 2008 at 13:00


I can't claim to be an expertConfused , but did come across a similar question in another forum.. Basically it said...

The easiest way to get here is if you can be sponsored from the US by an employer there with locations in the UK. Otherwise, you must be sponsored by a British company which is obviously much much more difficult, as they must first prove that no Brit can fill the job. You must therefore go in under cover as a 'consultant' or some job that is not offered by the company in England. Working visas start at 6 months and can last up to 3 years before renewal is required. The Consulate's Office in NY or DC can tell you everything you need to know to either present to your current employer, or a potential British company.

Hope that helps a little... does anyone else have anything to add?


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