New forum topic: Moving to London

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Posted: Monday the 28th July 2008 at 17:21

New forum topic: Moving to London

Hello everyone,

Please post your moving to London based questions and topics in here.

All the best,
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Posted: Saturday the 2nd August 2008 at 11:48

Can anyone help us. We are a family of four who wish to move to London. We include a teacher, a housing professional and two kids - 5 and 7. We're getting alot of unfavourable comments from friends and family. Is it really imposs to survive in London? Is it poss to buy/rent property, pay child-care, find 2 well-paid jobs and a decent school. Our motive for moving is to enjoy a more stimulating environment. Can anone tell me whether this is pie in the sky?

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Posted: Wednesday the 13th August 2008 at 15:05


Yes and no... It is very expensive to live in London, but then again people stil do.... From my experience the important thing is to have a good apartment with a low rent. So just keep on looking for that... are you moving to london for good?

Every time i go to london i always rent an apartment from studios-london and it has been working good everytime. Check out the website and contact them, they can help you with finding a nice accommodation at a nice area. They have a lot of partners so its easier for them to find the cheapest place, because they know were to look.

Good luck!


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Posted: Monday the 8th September 2008 at 10:49


I hope someone can help me! I am new to this forum and i have been looking at everyone comments and you all seem very helpful.

I have made a big desicion that i would like to move to London.
I am going to start me research of where to live, jobs etc... I wondered if anyone could suggest an area to move to - not too expensive but also nice?

Thank you

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Posted: Tuesday the 9th September 2008 at 11:52

Hi there, Waving

I agree with Lucy - there are plenty of people who live in London, have children and decent jobs and survive just fine. She's right that the key is to find the right place to live (sounds obvious I know!). As a teacher you are perhaps more flexible in whereabouts in London you can live and so you won't necessarily have to commute into the centre. If you are prepared to live a little further out and especially if you don't need to be on a tube line, there you can get much more value for money. You should post again if you need specific suggestions for areas to live, but off the top of my head, Dulwich, Blackheath, Putney/Parsons Green, Southfields and Crouch End spring to mind as perhaps more family-orientated places.

Re childcare, you can get some government help towards this and presumably your children are at school anyway, so costs should be limited.

It's such a great place to live that I'm sure you'll have a great time if you do take the plunge.

Good luck!

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