Naked Clubbing

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Posted: Saturday the 26th November 2005 at 16:43

Naked Clubbing

Starkers! is a nightclub with a difference! The excitement and anticipation of seeing other clubbers naked and all the sexual fantasy and eroticism that such an experience implies makes going to Starkers a truly unforgettable experience! You will also experience something unique to our night: total acceptance without attitude.

Decorate yourself with hats, shades, boots, belts, body-paint, glitter, masks and make up - but that's all! Full changing facilities are provided.

You will be glad to know the venue has an excellent heating system!

Starkers returns on Friday December 2nd and will repeat after that, probably on a monthly basis.

10pm - 3am
The Arches (side/garden entrance)
51-53 Southwark Street
London Bridge

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Posted: Wednesday the 1st February 2006 at 17:33

All this body paint and what noughts.
That ain't naked? STARKERS is STARKERS.

Zilch on. No hiding behind nothing. lol
just joking............

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