Saturday nights out in the West End...

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Posted: Tuesday the 29th November 2005 at 16:06

Saturday nights out in the West End...


I have some old friends coming to visit me in a few weeks time and am looking for a good club to take them to. I'm looking for places that play recent pop/commercial dance/commercial rnb etc... Also on a bit of a budget...

Its an all girls night so want something fun... with nice men!


Olly Wetzig
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Posted: Saturday the 17th December 2005 at 22:34


Try Loop, just off Regent street/ Hanover Square. It's three floors, London Bar on the top floor, English pub on the middle floor and a club playing all the stuff you've mentioned on the bottom floor. Couldnt tell you how good the men are but all the girls seem to have a good time!

Have a good one


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Posted: Thursday the 29th December 2005 at 14:07


NEW YEARS EVE @ the exclusive Dunes in Kensington.

On the night there will be the best DJ's playing funky house R&B and hip hop & cub classics.

A free photoshoot for the ladies, massuse, magician, and lots of other entertainment.

For info + tickets call

07859 322 238

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