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Posted: Tuesday the 6th December 2005 at 10:47

Work night out

Hi everyone.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a nice pub in the London Bridge area. There will be around 10 of us men going for a traditional lunch with drinks.These men are chippies so I think wine bars are out of the question!

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Posted: Tuesday the 6th December 2005 at 11:27

Hi Nitram,

Nice to hear from you.

Ok, for the area around London Bridge, there are a couple of options... you can go to our Club and Bar section and then select the "London Bridge" tube from the drop down list, this will then give you a selection of venues in that area:
London Bridge venues

Next to these venues it tells you if they are a Pub/ Inn or a Bar, so you can choose to steer clear of the bars if you wish.

When you click through to the venue there will be s description of each venue and you can then also click through to see the place on a map.

Alternatively, if you want to try your luck, you can use our Night Out Generator, which allows you select an area of London to go out in and then randomly select venues to build a pub crawl. (And if you don't like any of the suggestions you can just keep reshuffling.) You can then see all of your venues plotted on a map AND you can even email them to other members of your drinking party as an itinerary.

If you want recommendations of where to go in that area, I'm sure others will chip in on this thread later.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

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