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The brainchild of food whiz kids, Neha and Vishal Madhu, until now the husband and wife duo have remained on the distribution side of food with the creation one the largest confectionery distribution houses in Europe. Building on their ability to spot a gap in the market, Neha and Vishal quickly ascertained that the nation’s favourite food “CHIPS” is currently underserviced and so ChipNation was born, providing a Gourmet Chip Street Food Experience.

Freshly prepared to order by a team of experienced frying masters, at ChipNation each serving will be fried in sunflower oil for four minutes to cook the potato from inside and then fried again for two minutes to create the perfectly crispy shell and the ultimate chip crunch and simply served plain or with a vast range of seasoning and sauces.

With the focus being all about the chip (obviously!) you can choose from a large variety of sauces, seasonings and toppings to elevate your chip to another level. Guests can choose

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ChipNation offers a gourmet chip experience

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As someone who spent their youth in Belgium, home to the best chips in the world, I’m somewhat pernickety when it comes to my approval on a potato product. French fries are lovely, a fat British chippy chip sometimes satisfies, but there really is nothing like the crisp crunch and fluffy centre of the perfect double-fried (or even triple…) Belgian chip. Those who haven’t tried them won’t know the sublime pleasure of the perfect chip, until now.

Soho’s ChipNation might just have changed my world. While you can get decent(ish) Belgian chips at Belgo (funny that), it’s a sit down restaurant and not quite one for grabbing a portion when marginally intoxicated after Friday night work drinks. ChipNation offers something of a gourmet chip experience, while still keeping it real.

The secret is in the cooking; fried in sunflower seed oil for four minutes to cook the potato from inside and then fried again for two minutes to create the perfectly crispy shell and the ultimate chip crunch - the secret that makes the best chips in the world.

The ultimate joy of ChipNation is in the seasonings and sauces - with 10 seasonings including cajun spice and Peri Peri and 40 rather amazing sauces (I can highly recommend the sticky Korean BBQ and smoky baconnaise) there’s also a range of six toppings including cheese, vegan bacon bits and fried onions. Basically you can go to town with something ridiculous like over 1,000 flavour combinations, meaning you need never have the same dish twice… Except I will, because they have actual, real life Dutch Frittesause 0 kind of like a sweeter mayo - meaning I’ve basically died and gone to heaven. Thanks ChipNation in advance for making me fat(ter).

The other thing to note is their Halloumi fries done ‘Our Way’; the house special comes season with sumac and drizzled in Zaata mint sauce and balsamic glaze, finished with fresh mint and pomegranate - totally delicious.

Reviewed by Laurel
Published on Dec 20, 2018

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