St Martin's Spice

Indian Restaurant in Covent Garden
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No longer at this address

Our records show that St Martin's Spice is closed.

93 St. Martin's Lane
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
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Leicester Square
0.04 miles

User Reviews


Jul 6, 2009

Went there on the 4th July about eight o'clock. Beautiful day. Nice looking restaurant, modern interior. The staff was akward and wanted to serve us papadoms immediately. We ordered one. Ordered just a main course which was not really approved of (they wanted to sell more). Were punished for that and waited one hour for the food, my chicken massala was just warm enough to get cold on the second bite, taste was at most medium (I cook indian myself), and the drinks (automatically big bottles) were room temperature on a hot day (don't tell me it's healthy).
Can't recommend this restaurant, walk by quickly.....its really a tourist trap as others have suggested.....hpb

Apr 26, 2009

St. Martin's Spice is definitely the best restaurant I have been to in the West End!The exterior was beautiful and the interior was very warm and welcoming which helped me to enjoy my dinner even more! Everything was so clean and tidy. The waiters were very polite too. The food arrived promptly and was warm. The food was irresistable! Very authentic and delicious. In fact, the best Indian food I had ever tasted and that makes St. Martin's Spice extra special. St. Martin Spice made my evening wonderful and i am very grateful. I have decided that it is definitely my favourite restaurant and I am certainly going back!

Sep 20, 2008

I went to St. Martin's Spice twice while visiting my friends who live above the rest. The staff was attentive and the food yummy. Very delicious and reasonably priced. Definitely not super speedy, but a very relaxing meal. I also liked the white walls with pictures of famous Indians. A nice change from the over the top decor at some places.

Sep 7, 2008

Have had dinner here twice and loved it very much. Will go to London next week and definitely will go to St Martin Spice again.
The food is delicious and I experienced friendly staff.

Aug 24, 2008

I found this restaurant, after attempting to eat there with two other family members to be run by rude staff who decided we hadnt ordered enough food and thrust the menu in our faces demanding that we order more. It was not a case of the waiter being helpful and suggesting we order, more an obvious attempt to make more money. He made a scene in front of other diners. We didnt go there for a large meal but a quick bite to eat (as one would think west end restaurants are often used for pre or post theatre). It made us realise this was simply a tourist trap and we proceded to walk out, not needing to put up with such rude staff. While trying to place our order, the waiter raised his voice after not confirming that he had noted things down and as a consequence of us re stating what we wanted to eat. I also took a trip to the toilet to find a door to the kitchen wide open and food on view directly opposite the toilet door which was not closed. Grim.