Eat in an otherwordly restaurant below Waterloo Station

Eye-popping surroundings

Where: The Rosarium

If you like dinner served in eyebrow-raising surroundings, add The Rosarium to your list of places to try. This new restaurant located beneath Waterloo station - below platforms 20 - 24 to be precise - has a series of dining spaces that could be set in a fantasy world of futuristic gardens; in fact it bills itself as as "indoor garden of tranquillity for a dining experience which heightens the senses" (read: looks pretty).  

The menu is equally enticing with playful twists on British classics like the signature 'fish in a chip' where the fish is wrapped in pasta-like strands of batter and deep fried, and other examples of modern British fare such as ale-braised beef cheek with Cheddar macaroni. 

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