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This must try is connected to: The Cafe @ Foyles Bookshop

When you’re not reading the best London website of all (wink-wink) you probably sometimes like to read novels and non-fiction. And that’s natural, you can’t read websites all the time…

Now, you’ve heard all about ‘book clubs’ we assume? Richard and Judy used to have a big one on TV, your local pub might host one or you might even have a group of friends cultured enough to meet regularly and discuss literature together, in which case, lucky you! But if none of the above applies to you then how about joining London’s biggest book club, at one of London’s biggest bookshops? Hosted monthly in the hot new café in their hot new – kind of - shop, the Foyles Book Club is open to one and all – and it’s free. And the bonus is that with so many people in attendance you’ll have no problem slinking down in the back if you don’t want to contribute right away.

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