London's best view - and it's not from a skyscraper

Under the radar

Where: Dartmouth Park Hill

Move over Primrose Hill, Sky Garden and all those modern buildings that offer you "the best views across the capital" from inside a glass construction, for we have found one better and we bet you've never heard of it: in the quiet north London location of Dartmouth Park Hill. Bordering Hampstead and Highgate, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd somehow stepped into the Surrey countryside as you wander around this sleepy, leafy neighbourhood with the odd upmarket pub. 

On one side of the road a large, fenced off piece of land on a steep slope doesn't look particularly inviting, but once you enter the narrow gate and walk up the hill you'll find an impressive panorama with the BT Tower, the City's skyscrapers, Canary Wharf and the Shard ahead of you (which we'd argue, look shinier and bigger than ever from this vantage point). The fenced area is in fact a reservoir built in the Victorian era to improve water supply to city, now covered with grassland. There are benches so you can sit and take in the views, as well as a children's playground at the bottom of the hill. 

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