Enjoy the Beach in London at Gabriel's Wharf

Pack your bucket and spade...

Gabriel's Wharf
56 Upper Ground SE1 9PP
There are times in every Londoner’s life when the sight of beach frolicking has us in an agitated state. It may be the pictures of recently departed friends beaching it up in Brighton or perhaps it’s the annual ‘heat wave’ pictures of Bournemouth Beach that all news media seem to become obsessed with every summer. Either way, it’s annoying.

Lucky for us then that we have Gabriel’s Wharf, right?! Bear with us. You may not be able to swim (unless you’re up for a bit of gastrointestinal illness) but picnics, sandcastles and carefree frolicking are all okay so long as the tide is out. There you have it, London’s year-round urban beach.

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