Beavertown Brewery Taproom tour and tasting

ANd who doesn't love beer tasting?

Where: Beavertown Brewery, Lockwood Industrial Park, Tottenham

Say your favourite beer is Budweiser and you want to go and take a look at the brewery to see how the whole setup is run. Well, you can’t. But if your favourite beer is from the Beavertown Brewery range, you can. And that’s what’s good about drinking London-brewed beer.

Opening up their large, warehouse doors every Saturday, the Beavertown Brewery give its fans – and anyone else for that matter – the chance to see where the magic happens. Open from 2pm – 8pm, drink your fill from the standard range and expect to find the odd special concoction behind the bar. Oh, and to complete the fun there’s always a street food vendor set to feed you.

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