An Alcoholic Sweet Shop

Making alcoholics of us all this Christmas

Where: The Flavour Room – The Sanderson Hotel

Since chocolate liqueurs are the first thing on our Christmas list every year, we ‘re pretty excited about news of an alcoholic sweet shop coming to London. In a move that would make a certain Willy Wonka proud, The Sanderson Hotel is hosting new pop-up, The Flavour Room, a luxurious alcoholic sweet experience.

We’re not talking beer with a couple of jelly babies plopped in, this is high-class, premium sugar soaked boozing. Think alcoholic gels, negroni flavoured lollipops (alcoholic, of course) and alcoholic pastilles in flavours like gin and tonic. Lingering around till Christmas Eve, this is either a great gift idea or a fun place to go when Christmas shopping takes its toll. Or maybe both.

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