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Tue 14th Mar 2017

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About the event

Great Western Railway is turning escapist fiction into a truly escapist reality with hundreds of free GWR return tickets concealed inside the pages of the nation’s favourite fiction. Hidden away in libraries, independent bookshops, train stations and on GWR trains - ‘The Great Ticket Hunt’ is well and truly on.

There is even one Golden Ticket offering the lucky winner a three month Summer Season rail pass for endless immersive experiences in the beautiful South West. So get out there and find your free ticket!

‘The Great Ticket Hunt’ was devised after recent research by GWR found that almost half the nation’s young people (47 percent) daydream of getting away and exploring a new place at least once a week, and when ‘escaping’ isn’t possible, millennials turn to other means to let their minds run free. Over half (52 percent) read books to escape the stresses of everyday life compared to 20 percent who turn to social media, 7 percent who do Yoga/Pilates and just 5 percent who write in a journal.

It seems, the old age saying ‘there’s nothing like a good book’ rings true, even for today’s digitally savvy generation of 16 – 35 year olds with 82 percent of them agreeing that physical books are better than digital books. The feeling of turning the pages (63 percent), the physical presence of books in a room (48 percent), the smell of the printed paper (34 percent), the fact that they never run out of battery (45 percent) and the ease of being able to share them with someone else (47 percent) were hailed as the main reasons for choosing physical books over digital ones.

Interestingly while some millennials dream of moving to the location in their book (47 percent), a quarter (24 percent) have actually booked a trip so they could visit the location setting, and over one in ten have been inspired to specifically travel by train just after reading books that have settings on trains.

Could your ticket be hiding Across the Plains in Exeter? You may have to take A Mere Interlude and pop into a book shop in London to find one. One thing is for sure, you should have Great Expectations to find one of the hundreds of hidden tickets!

For more information about the competition including T&C’s and to see your favourite South West authors come to life on our map, please see website details below.

For those who don’t find a winning ticket, GWR’s Advance single fares can be booked up to 12 weeks in advance to the best city break destinations across the South West. Ticket prices include from only £18 for a single ticket to Cardiff from London Paddington. To book tickets, please see website below.

*The research polled 2,000 UK respondents age 16 – 35 in February 2017 and was conducted by FlyResearch (a full service agency specializing in online quantitative and qualitative research)

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