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This event ended on Saturday 30th of March 2024
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Actors East Theatre, innovative acting studio, is premiering its first ever show Casserole at the Arcola Theatre in March. Emotionally raw, and rawly funny, Casserole examines how people can hide from each other in the wake of Grief. This one-act, intimate play invites the audience into the living room of Kate and Dom, a couple both in mourning, but not in sync. It opens the doors to talk about substance abuse, self-loathing, panic attacks, signs, death, and what happens when you eat your dead mother-in-law’s frozen casserole…

A series of too-coincidental events has made Kate question whether her mother is contacting her from the beyond. Her realist boyfriend, Dom, tries to convince her the only links to the events are the ones she made up in her head. But when he accidentally defrosts the last remaining casserole her mom made her before her death, she wonders if this can really be another happenstance and if her and Dom’s already strained relationship can survive.

Presented by the Arcola Theatre, Casserole is the product of the Actors East Theatre, an acting studio turned theatre company just across the street from the Arcola. Dedicated to finding and developing new writing, Actors East Theatre provides a pay-what-you-can rehearsal space designed for those who do not have access or opportunity. Casserole developed over the course of five years and is the first in-house production.

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