The Space
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This event ended on Saturday 9th of March 2024
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The Space

Join Cassie as she struggles to clear out her squirrel-themed childhood bedroom and avoids calls from her estranged mum. Cassie hates squirrels and now her dad’s making her go to therapy. About her mum. Not the squirrels. She’ll have to remember her past to move forward with her future. Will Cassie be strong enough to break the cycle of bad decisions? The trouble is, taking the moral high ground is so boring.

We all know a Cassie. Her coping mechanism is: she has no coping mechanism. She’s made it this far by shoving her emotions into the bin bags of her brain and she’s not interested in taking out the trash. In her desperation to prove she’s nothing like her mum, her absurd yet intimate monologues unveil the emotions she’s worked so hard to keep hidden. However, Cassie’s no-nonsense sock-puppet therapist forces her to confront some hard truths.

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