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Cafes serving up London's best Flat Whites

It's like a hug in a mug. And luckily for us Brits, it's now... over here.

flat white noun /Austral. flaat whyette/ /NZ flet wyte/ 1. An antipodean style coffee which is served as a strong shot of espresso served in a small cup with textured milk; a damn good strong coffee.

flattie noun. colloq. flat white; I'm gonna smash back a couple of flatties bro/ NZ/ mate /Austral.

... so says Soho coffeehouse "Flat White" (appropriately named) who claim to have brought the the bevy to the UK shores from down-under.

If the slicked-back machismo of the espresso purist is just a little too much for you then why not take things down a notch or two and order a coffee you'll actually enjoy drinking?

It's like a hug in a mug. And luckily for us Brits, it's now over here.

Monmouth Coffee House
27 Monmouth Street Covent Garden WC2H 9DD
Region: Covent Garden
Nearest Station: Covent Garden (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: The Covent Gardeners’ coffee is legendary and they roast and grind their own. There’s something of the conservative British approach to it that distances them from the hipster newbies but their house grind causes a stir for certain. Surely the richest flavour in London and to be enjoyed in the fun of the skewiff wooden cabin appeal it has going on in its Monmouth Street outpost.

  • USERS 10/10

Wilton Way Cafe
63 Wilton Way E8 1BG
Region: Kingsland
Nearest Station: Hackney Downs (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: Feel the high with their flat white in a far out arty atmosphere that says never fear, there really is a life beyond nine to five jobs – thanks to the laptop crowd who pack it out daily. The walls are covered with creative creations and there’s the in-house London Fields Radio so you can hear muso’s playing their favourite psych rock, Sixties girl groups and general interestingness while you tip back that micro foam. The Climpson’s beans are a winner.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10
  • USERS 8/10

Fernandez & Wells
43 Lexington Street Soho W1F 9AL
Region: Soho
Nearest Station: Oxford Circus (0.2 miles)

AIL Says: A coffee chain (locations around Soho and Somerset House) that stands out from the crowd – you can tell there must be something about Fernando and Wells from the slew of fashionably attired customers who queue for its coffee and sandwiches. Stylish and a little bit sexy, the flat white is more than a match for the sleek environment in which it is served up.


Workshop Coffee Co
27 Clerkenwell Road EC1M 5RN
Region: Clerkenwell
Nearest Station: Farringdon (0.1 miles)

AIL Says: It might be tempting to think that if there is no antipodean influence on a coffee venture, then it’s not worth your while. Not true, however, this is another New Zealand affiliated coffee enterprise, which seems to mean quality with a capital Q! The in-house roaster gets the beans toasty and the flat white benefits. A more subtle flavour than some cafes, but no less delicious.

  • OUR REVIEW 8/10

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