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Picture of Alice's Adventures Underground

Alice's Adventures Underground

Head for the Waterloo Vaults where Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland is recreated blending a mixture of performance styles; each audience member will be presented with a choice of EAT ME or DRINK ME, which will affect the way their show will unfold.

Picture of The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition

There are pubs and then there are PUBS… and the Great Exhibition is definitely the latter. Can we keep it a secret? No, then All In London wouldn’t be doing its job. And All In London always does its job. Here's why we love it...

Picture of Urban Food Festival, Every Saturday

Urban Food Festival, Every Saturday

OK, so a car park might not be the most salubrious backdrop... but there are 15 street food trucks & stalls (which change each week) serving gourmet global street food, craft beers, cider, specialist urban cocktails, spirits, wines, and entertainment.

Picture of Power to the people!

Power to the people!

Here's your chance to visit an anarchist bookshop. Freedom Bookshop in Whitechapel opened in 1886 and became a meeting place for writers and activists, still open to this day you can head inside to bone up on big ideas and issues.

Picture of Al Murray: The Pub Landlord's Southbank Saloon

Al Murray: The Pub Landlord's Southbank Saloon

For three nights only, following a sell-out run in 2014, the nation’s pub philosopher returns as pop-up publican and invites you to his jumped-up tent saloon as part of this year's Southbank Wonderground.

Picture of A Little Chaos

A Little Chaos

If you love gardening and corsets, then this film will blow your mind. Sabine De Barra (Kate Winslet) accepts the assignment of constructing the grand gardens at Versailles in the court of King Louis XIV. True flower power.