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Picture of Summer Streets on Regent Street

Summer Streets on Regent Street

Each Sunday in July will be traffic free and feature a different, interactive theme.It all kicks off this Sunday with a Garden theme. Regent Street will be transformed into an idyllic garden complete with summer lawns and a bee and butterfly zone.

Picture of The Gold Teeth Houseparty at Jamm

The Gold Teeth Houseparty at Jamm

These guys threw a house party so wild that Jamm actually came and asked them to host a night at the venue. Kudos. Expect house party sets, Beer Pong, hidden drinks you can nick, computers games, crowd surfing and more. No puking in the wardrobe.

Picture of Food to get you in the mood... for Wimbledon

Food to get you in the mood... for Wimbledon

Wimbledon fare is more than just strawberries and cream: we take a look at food to put you in the mood for Wimbledon - from racket-shaped pizzas, Match Point Cocktails and even a touch of tennis whilst you drink.

Picture of Best places to shop for men's shoes

Best places to shop for men's shoes

If you've got an interest in looking good below the knees, take a look at our suggestions for London's best shops for men's shoes and get yourself kitted out with some nice treads. And remember: up here for thinking... down there for dancing.

Picture of Alice’s Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground

Deep under Waterloo Station, go and experience immersion like never before. Take tea at the biggest un-birthday party with the maddest of Hatters; let the Cheshire Cat take you hither or thither and rise against the fearsome Queen of Hearts.

Picture of The Overnight

The Overnight

Invited over to their new neighbours' house for pizza night, Alex and Emily find their family 'playdate' becoming increasingly more revealing and bizarre as the couples begin to open up.