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Burns Night goes hand in hand with Scotch Whisky, however, for those who are looking for a delicious non-alcoholic drink to toast the occasion, Mother Root Ginger Switchel is the perfect alternative.  100% all-natural, this non-alcoholic aperitif is made with four key ingredients - a maceration of pressed ginger juice, blossom honey, organic apple cider vinegar and a hint of chilli, making it ideal for those who love revitalising drinks with a warming kick. 
Inspired by the age-old Anglo-American “shrub-making” tradition, the switchel is a fascinating beverage originating from the 1700s, which witnessed increased popularity during the Prohibition era. Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel is a revival of these interesting flavours, that’s been given a captivating modern twist.

For some drinks inspiration this Burns Night, Mother Root has recommended a selection of innovative recipes. Pick up your bottle at

Mother Root Scotch Bridget
50ml Mother Root
150ml Apple Juice
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
3 cloves
1 teaspoon honey
1 lemon zest

Add all ingredients to a pan and warm (be careful not to let it boil). Strain into a mug and use the cinnamon stick and lemon zest as a garnish. 

Make it boozy:
Change to 30ml Mother Root and add 50ml Scotch Whiskey
Mother Root Pe-NO-cillin
Mother Root's non-alcoholic twist on the classic Penicillin cocktail. The smokey Lapsang replaces the peaty whisky in this cool number.

25ml  Mother Root
15ml fresh lemon juice
15ml 2:1 honey syrup 
100ml Lapsang Tea (hot brewed, then cooled)

Shake in a cocktail shaker, strain over ice into a lowball glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel and rosemary sprig.

Mother Root Hot Not Toddy
1 part Mother Root
5 parts hot water
1 tsp honey

Stir together in your favourite mug. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

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Jan 17, 2021 in We Love London by Laurel
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