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It's no secret that Klarna has come in for some stick recently; far from seeing it as a convenient payment option it's been much criticised for encouraging debt in young people with it's 'Buy Now, Pay Later' offering. 

Well now the service has launched a fun new campaign to help dispel the myths, teaming up with renowned contemporary artists Ignasi Monreal (@ignasi) to transform the most common myths into mythical paintings inspired by real tweets and reddit threads. Did you know, for example, that the average customer age is 33, Klarna is Europe's highest-valued private fintech and a licensed Swedish bank operating in 19 markets globally? No, us neither.

Taking a bold and unapologetic approach to the critics, skeptics and curious - Klarna answers some of the questions on everything from their brand, average age and even the company name. 

Klarna invites you to enter the mythical world online where you can play a mythbuster challenge or by visiting the murals located in cities around the UK. In London consumers can visit the murals in Portobello Road, Redchurch Street and Ebor Street where they can scan the QR code within the painting. Once scanned on a smartphone camera, consumers are directed to a digital gallery and are virtually immersed into the paintings.  For each artwork, a Mythbuster challenge is posed and the answers are hidden within the visuals inside of the painting. Consumers who take part in the game have the chance to win one of four fantastic prizes. 

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Jun 6, 2021 in Love London by Laurel