Kensington and Chelsea

Your All In London guide to Kensington and Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea lies to the west of the City Centre and recently became the first area nationally where the average household income has topped £100,000 according to research undertaken by Barclays. It is known for its up-market shopping along the Kings Road and Kensington High Street as well as its beautiful Parklands. Don't be fooled though, even the well-healed crowd here fall into the gutters like the best of us on leaving one of the many local nightclubs.

The borough has a high proportion of working aged adults (the largest proportion in the country in the financial sector and the lowest number in the retail sector) and professionally qualified residents but a smaller proportion of both children and older adults. Despite often overt affluence in some neighbourhoods, this doesn't cover the whole borough; areas in the north Kensington such as Golborne, St Charles, Notting Barns and Colville for example are within the most deprived in the country. Overall this paints a picture of strong income inequality with the top earners being at such high levels of income that they skew the borough's overall statistics.

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