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Camden Market Camden High Street, Buck Street, Camden, NW1 8NH
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Camden Market is one of London’s largest weekend tourist attractions, offering fashions, exotic foods and a rich diversity of people. The area of Camden has been described the literature of Charles Dickens, George Orwell and Mary Shelley- highlighting its importance to the culture of London.

Regents Canal was built through Camden at the end of the nineteenth century. The canal was a vital supply of produce for London- warehouses and production lines soon appeared in Camden where goods were processed before being sent further down the canal to the City.

Camden enjoyed only a brief spell of prosperity as rail and road soon became a less expensive way of transporting produce. Many of the warehouses and processing plants were closed down and the area was left to decay. In 1970 an idea to use the Camden area as a market space was formulated. The British Waterways agreed to lease out some of the land and buildings in Camden and Camden Market was born. The success of the Market brought more and more stalls to the area.

Today Camden Market consists of four separate markets, hundreds of stalls and many permanent shops. Although its open daily now, it is at the weekends when it becomes a real hive of activity and attracts shoppers from right across the Capital.

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User Reviews

from West Midlands

Jan 14, 2013

Camden Market is a great place to spend a Sunday morning - loads of individual shops - from clothes, footwear, antiques, food and more. A great way to waste a few hours.

Name: Paul
Location: West Midlands
Fast Eddie

Dec 10, 2004

I was always lead to believe that Camden Market was about the only place that you could still buy cool original clothes - I've got to be honest I thought it was mostly tie-dye-esque tat. Even the second-hand clothing stores that I went into there were a bit ropey - the stores there seem to be trading on the name of the market and not the quality of their wares. The place itself it quite nice to walk around though - plenty of atmosphere.