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Corner of Oxford Street and Edgware Road, London, W1R 1DD
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Marble Arch
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Marble Arch was created by the architect John Nash, who is responsible for the layout of much of the West End as we know it today. It was originally built with the intention of standing at the entrance to Buckingham Palace, however it turned out to be too small and in 1851 it was moved to where it is now, at the westernmost end of Oxford Street, where it meets Edgware Road and Park Lane. (Incidentally, it was here where the gruesome Tyburn Tree was located up until the 18th century, where public executions took place). Its poor fate didn’t end there; the construction, which was made from white marble, became discoloured in a short space of time due to pollution. What few people know is that a police station operated from three rooms inside Marble Arch up until the late 60s. Today it remains one of London’s most recognisable landmarks, although there have been rumours it may be moved; back in 2005 Transport for London stated they were considering moving the monument to Hyde Park to make it more accessible to visitors, but for now it remains on the busy traffic island.

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